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Thread: [Ps3] Save Resigner 1.4 Updated***

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    02-01-2013 08:55 PM #1 [Ps3] Save Resigner 1.4 Updated***

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    Hi guys this is the newest version of ps3 save resigner

    Thx to K.G. < member for the UPDATED Version

    How to use: 1. Run [PS3] Save Resigner 1.4

    2. Click on "Customized Profile Setting". and fill in the following keys: (without quote marks)

    SySCON Manager key: "D413B89663E1FE9F75143D3BB4565274"

    KeyGen key: "6B1ACEA246B745FD8F93763B920594CD53483B82"

    Game save PARAM.SFO key: "0C08000E090504040D010F000406020209060D03"

    Fallback disc hash key: "D1C1E10B9C547E689B805DCD9710CE8D"

    3. Save the keys, and then copy any one of your gamesaves from your PS3 to your usb or memory stick

    4. Click on the button that says "or load from param.sfo" and locate the param.sfo file in the save folder you just copied

    5. Click save to profile 01, 02 or 03 (This prevents the need to load your own saves in the future)


    6. Go to file and open, then select the save you want to use and click on the param.sfo file that is in your downloaded game save

    7. Once it has loaded, select the profile that you saved your game save into earlier and click resign!

    8. The program will create 2 folders in the location where the downloaded save is - the "original backup" is the downloaded save and the folder without "original backup" is the resigned save and therefore the one you need to copy to your PS3

    Still have questions? Post a comment

    Have fun resigning

    ▶ Update logs:

    *UPDATE 03:
    [PS3] Save Resigner 1.4
    - Fixed Windows XP problems. Now it works for everyone. BIG thanks to RuiGR for his great help.

    *UPDATE 02:
    [PS3] Save Resigner 1.3
    - added some features
    - added "Copy params of a specified game" option: To all those who were getting corruption errors (Tekken ect..), this version may fix them.
    Make sure to select the "Copy params of a specified game" option, and load the PARAM.SFO of your version of the game that you try to resign a save to.
    - Decrypt option updated: When you decrypt a game save folder, it's now in the folder "Decrypted Save Folders".
    - Attempt to fix the XP problem.

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    Idk Man xploder seems way much more easier and safer Since i already have it but who made this can you give some creditz

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    i did everything it says in the tutorial above but when i upload it to my ps3 and try it in a privete match it still dosent work, any help?

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    here is a solution stop being poor and buy xploder like every one else

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    thanks by program very nice.:y:

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    easy one ..

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    Nice but this program not as "hard"" as others xD

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    wrong section mate, good post though

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