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Thread: cod4 codes with mod menu

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    09-05-2010 10:16 AM #1 cod4 codes with mod menu

    Hello every one, I have made some codes for you that have mod menu with:gravity,super jump,slow motion,fast motion,gode mode,no clip,unlimited cage match(with no killcam no limit),xp of 1,000 and 17,500(don't use the 17,500 xp before level 20 or it will kick off the player),fast restart,laser always on,auto host,change team.

    Here are the codes:

    MP file:

    PHP Code:
    set clanName "^0XP" 
    set Cg_hudchatposition "250 250"
    set party_connectToOthers "0"
    set party_host "1"
    set cg_chatHeight "5"
    set ui_gametype "^2gametype hacked! :)"
    set xp9 "bind dpad_up g_gravity 500;bind dpad_right toggle jump_height 500 1000 ; bg_fallDamageMaxheight 99999 ; bg_fallDamageMinheight 99999;say jump menu ; say ^2up=gravity ^3right=little jump ^4right twice=big jump"
    set xp10 "bind dpad_up toggle timescale 0.5 ; bind dpad_right toggle timescale 25.0 ; bind dpad_down toggle timescale 1.0 ;say speed menu ; say ^8up=slow-mo ^2right=fast-mo ^4down=normal"
    Bind BUTTON_LTRIG "r_showFloatZDebug 0;say ^9menu closed!;give all;weapnext"
    Bind BUTTON_START "togglemenu ; ui_allow_teamchange 1" 

    CM file:

    PHP Code:
    set gpad_buttonsConfig "default_systemlink"
    set input_autoAim "1"
    set player_sustainAmmo "1"
    set perk_weapRateMultiplier "0"
    set xp "vstr xp1"
    set xp1 "vstr xp7 ; set xp vstr xp2"
    set xp2 "vstr xp8 ; set xp vstr xp3"
    set xp3 "vstr xp9 ; set xp vstr xp4"
    set xp4 "vstr xp10 ; set xp vstr xp1"
    set xp7 "bind dpad_up god;bind dpad_right noclip ; bind dpad_down scr_dm_timelimit 0 .0001 ; scr_game_allowkillcam 0 ; scr_dm_numlives 0 1 ;scr_dm_scorelimit 0 1 ;say ^8Menu1;say ^2up=gode mode ^4right=noclip ^6down=unlimited cage match"
    set xp8 "bind dpad_up scr_xpscale 200;bind dpad_right scr_xpscale 3500;bind dpad_down fast_restart;say ^5xp menu;say ^5up=1000xp ^6right=17500xp ^2down=restart"
    bind BUTTON_X "vstr xp;r_showFloatZDebug 1;say ^1menu opened"
    set cg_overheadNamesSize "1.5"
    set cg_overheadRankSize "1.5"
    set cg_laserForceOn "1" 

    -Square for open mod menu twice for mod menu2 ...
    -L2 for close mod menu and
    -all the rest is in the mod menu
    -The best thing ever is:....ENJOOOOOOYY

    some problems or anything you need:
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    09-05-2010 11:14 AM #2

    Can You Make It So U Can End Game. The Best Codes Ive Used

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    09-05-2010 11:33 AM #3

    Can I get a bit of credit? You did use my menu codes

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    09-05-2010 12:07 PM #4

    Life saver, thanks

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    09-06-2010 10:54 AM #5 help?

    im new to this and i can get the laser and double tap but i cant get the mod menu when i hit square it does nothing this is how i bypass plz respond{first i copy cod4 save from usb then i put in RFOM and hit campaign then once loaded i hit start save but dont hit yes then then i hit psn button then eject disc then put in cod4 then hit save and it puts me into cod4 then xbox live private match and i only have laser and double tap?}please help

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobabc [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Can You Make It So U Can End Game. The Best Codes Ive Used
    my mod menu can end game its beast mod menu

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    hello everyone if u have problems just tell me me on the ps3 my name is thehackerpro cause I don't look anymore the post so tell me on the ps3 bye

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    Thanks ill try them out

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