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Thread: anyone wants to find glitches die rise???

  1. lil_mr_joker Prime Rib

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    04-16-2013 12:58 AM #1 anyone wants to find glitches die rise???

    anyone wants to look for new glitches on die rise i got some cool ideas! ps3 only and am online right now let me know

  2. Join Date Jan 2013

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    04-16-2013 01:00 AM #2

    add me Bassnecter_ and say ''die rise glitches''

    and i wont be on untill friday

  3. SargeMines's Avatar

    SargeMines French Toast

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    04-16-2013 03:09 PM #3

    I find all kinds of glitches add me sarge64641

  4. walney19 Banned

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    04-16-2013 03:31 PM #4

    Add EnnGeeYou

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