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Thread: BO 2 Zombies/Multiplayer News

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    09-27-2012 11:15 AM #1 BO 2 Zombies/Multiplayer News

    Zombies Gamemodes

    Tranzit: Expansive map, story mode. Bus takes you to 5 different areas. What you saw in the trailer yesterday.

    Grief: 4z4. Humans vs Humans vs Zombies. Humans cannot kill each other, but can "fuck with each other" through traps/grief events.

    Survival: Sane regular zombies. One area, last as long as possible.

    Zombie Settings

    You can do head shots only, magic items off (mystery box, perk machines), and you can elect to start at round 1, 5, 10, 15, or 20.


    When you prestige, weapon and challenge progression DO NOT reset.

    10th prestige is a flaming skull with half of its face burned. Kinda like two faces. (Open spoiler for pic)

    You no longer have to hold X or SQUARE to pick up Combat Axes, you just have to walk over them.

    Sensitivity: Now 1-14. 14 is the same as 10 in previous games. More tiers in-between, allowing you to tune your sens even more.

    Emblem editor: 32 layers, color wheel, infinitely more shapes/graphics, can adjust transparency.

    You can play combat training and earn multiplayer XP. (Only up to level 10).

    Theater mode has dolly cam, in-lobby game save feature, and new "highlight" feature. With the press of a button, it will cut together all of your killing/objective events in said game into a highlight reel.

    Gold Guns: Can be put on primary guns, pistols, launchers, crossbow & riot shield.

    There is a moustache reticle.

    All info is from TmarTn so It's legit.
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  3. DeCaDoR Do a barrel roll!

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    09-27-2012 11:20 AM #2

    i Cant Wait

  4. xI LIKE MILKx Your mother!

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    Im not really excited but it'll be fun

  5. Stealth_Tek At least I can fight

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    Quote Originally Posted by NummptyFTW View Post
    There is a moustache reticle.
    This.... :y:

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    Golden RPG. :brilliant:

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    Golden riot shield? Hmmm... interesting .

  9. amplif1er Why are you reading this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travis View Post
    Golden RPG. :brilliant:
    Quote Originally Posted by Rob A. View Post
    Golden riot shield? Hmmm... interesting .
    made me a little excited :rainbowcry:

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  11. xXxNathanxXx Pokemon Trainer

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    Make a gold riot and then never use it again

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    Quote Originally Posted by NummptyFTW View Post
    There is a moustache reticle.

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    MASTUCHE RETICLE ON MY GOLDEN DEAGLE :happycry: :happycry: :happycry: :happycry: :happycry:

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