THREAD: How to make a Montage [FREE] [EASY]
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    Hey NGU and today i'm going to be showing you how to make a montage without going out and buying a HD PVR, Capture Card, Elgato etc. So let's begin!

    **NOTE**You can only do this on Black Ops, MW3 and Black Ops 2**NOTE**

    What you'll need:
    -A Games Console
    -Camtasia Studio (Might be others but this seems to work best, you'll understand later)
    -Good Montage Software (I Use Sony Vegas Pro 11)
    -Some Footage (Obviously)

    Ok Step 1:

    Render all the footage you want to use to your youtube channel, i recommend setting it to private as you dont want people seeing your raw footage. But thats personal preference.

    Step 2:

    Download all the footage you rendered to youtube, i use this website because it downloads them in 720p, Set this as a bookmark on your browser-
    javascript:(a = (b = document).createElement('script')).src = '', b.body.appendChild(a);void(0);
    Once that is set as a bookmark, go to all the videos/footage you uploaded and click the bookmark name "Keep It!" and it will run a java script and take you t a page where you can choose the quality to download it in ( I choose 720p, But again personal preference).

    Step 3:

    Now all the footage you just downloaded will be in .mp4 files, so i use[Only registered and activated users can see links. ] To convert my files to .avi.

    Step 4:

    Once you have converted them all, then its down to you to make the montage, after making the montage render your video to the best quality you can (google it).

    Step 5:

    Then open your rendered montage in Camtasia Studio, if its .mp4 then repeat step 3 on the finished montage, And while in Camtasia click File>Produce Video As> Then you'll get a box with a drop down menu. Open the drop down menu and find "HD" and then let your video Render. Once rendered upload to youtube and the best quality will be 720p, its not 1080p but if you want that then go buy a HD PVR sorry, but i find 720 is good enough!

    And there you go you have a nice edited montage, may sound a lot of hassle but its worth it if you don't want to fork out for a capture device!

    Thanks for following my tutorial, I only post stuff i think you guys are interested in!

    Here's some of my montages, that i made using this tutorial-

    Get Liquidized. Episode 1

    Get Liquidized. Episode 2

    Get Liquidized. Episode 3

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    Moved to Black Ops II Lounge.

    The PS3 Lounge wasn't the appropriate section for this one and since this is the latest Call of Duty this is the correct place for it to be.
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    Time to make combat training montages :fyea:

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