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Thread: Shangri La Under Map

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    08-21-2011 08:35 PM #1 Shangri La Under Map

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    08-21-2011 08:45 PM #2

    I'm sorry, but doing that just so crawlers can't get you? That's kind of lame. Lots of other glitches still work as of now. And lagswitch glitches are very glitchly, and can be a pain in the ass to do.

  4. Xenoflare Guitar is My Life

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    08-21-2011 09:14 PM #3

    A useless glitch that works only on crawlers. Welp, better make round 34 a crawler-only run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Awesome :D [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    2 things, EPIC SIGNATURE! and secondly, its an alright glitch i suppose especially wen u have to keep a crawler alive HATERS GONE HATE, THEN AGAIN, haters are generally gay

  7. unggubrian I defeated!

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    Nice glitch, but if only crawlers can't hit you, why bother doing it?

  8. ddaaz1871 Bounty hunter

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    08-22-2011 07:25 AM #6

    no point shit glitch

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