OK, so i was thinking that since a lot of MW2 clans are mainly about quick scoping, why not create a big leader board of some sort? Sort of like top 50 NA (north america) quick scoping clans and then the rest. It Doesn't have to be big and stuff just like top 50. We can also provide schedule, sort of speak. Example: Say a clan named poop wants to play a clan named soop, if they want it to be "official" and "counted" then they have to post the match restults on the thread and stuff or pm the peron managing all of this.

It will be fun and intriguing. I believe that this can work out for both xbox 360 and ps3 but taking in account the number of people posting clans from a ps3 perspective, it can mainly be for the ps3.

This will bing publicity to the site and more users on it.
So what do you think??