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Thread: MW3 Ultimate Sentry gun and I.M.S Glitch

  1. Michi199 Haxor!

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    12-25-2011 05:11 AM #1 MW3 Ultimate Sentry gun and I.M.S Glitch

    step1) gets a sentry gun and a I.M.S
    step2) you masst place a I.M.S or a sentry gun
    step3) then press right on the D-Pad and press quadrangle to pick up
    step4) when you do it right is the sentry gun inside the I.M.S
    step5) please Subscribe and like the video

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  3. HackMii24 I am error

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    12-25-2011 05:59 AM #2

    LMAO :dumb:

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    12-25-2011 06:11 AM #3

    nice one ;p

  5. x420XP Utter Perfectionist

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    12-25-2011 03:03 PM #4

    Easier method, place IMS, place Sentry ontop. Finished.

  6. Kells

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    12-25-2011 03:26 PM #5

    Quadrangle :dumb:

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  8. ilikeitindabutt Who fukmi who the fukru

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    12-25-2011 03:38 PM #6

    Did this long ago was very poitnless to do maybe ok to try and get a final killcam with if you can show you putting it down in the kill cam some how other then that i thought it was poitnless. you can also do this with 2 sentry which then makes it look like you have 1 sentry but there is 2. and a couple others it works on aswell.

  9. SU44K8 Suffocate

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    12-25-2011 06:55 PM #7

    Read title, thought it said unlimited thats why I clicked it /facepalm.

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  11. jpveiga Save Point

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    12-25-2011 07:11 PM #8 thats an stupid ideia

    cause sentry gun requires 5 kills and ims requires 5 kills to so if you want both of them you need to change classes on the middle of the game so that glitch is a useless piece of shit

  12. I3lackadder Gym leader

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    12-25-2011 07:37 PM #9

    my controller hasn't got a quadrangle button... i guess i can't do the glitch then...... dang

  13. Computer. Little One

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    12-25-2011 08:01 PM #10

    Thats Epic.

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