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Thread: Call of Duty: MW3 screenshots show new maps set in Italy and Central Park!

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    01-17-2012 03:41 PM #1 Call of Duty: MW3 screenshots show new maps set in Italy and Central Park!

    Call of Duty: MW3 screenshots show new maps set in Italy and Central Park!
    Source: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] // By: Mudkip // Tuesday, January 17th, 2011

    Recently released are 9 new screen shots from the first two DLC maps for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The maps will arrive first for Xbox 360 Elite subscribers, but will likely come to our machines about a month later. Apparently the new, continental based map, Piazza is a tight, winding map set in Italy. It was stated:
    “attacks from behind, above and below are an ever-constant threat,” but there will be a strong close combat focus, with plenty of flanking routes.
    The other map will be called Liberation, and is set in a militarised Central Park. It is apparently a perfect map for snipers with open areas and full of long sight lines for people to be shot with ease! The fact sheet states:
    “Always be aware of nearby sightlines to avoid becoming fodder for the enemy,”
    As well as screen shots there is a Content season trailer as well which is worth checking out!

    Here are the screenshots, enjoy!

    Personal view

    Look great, can't wait to get them!!

    Thanks for reading!

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    They look ok I guess, I like the sound of plenty of flanking routes :y:

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    This was on the video and I really like the Italy one :y: I hope I get it early. because I'm Founder in ELITE but from PS3

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    Hmmm how interesting... oh wait its not.

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    looks good, too bad its way to expensive (y) noit saying I cant afford it, I'd rather spend the money on use full things.

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    Awesome i heard new missions thank you but please should add a forge mode like halo

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    I want to punch Robert bowling in the face so hard! He annoys the **** out of me!

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    How much do you suppose it'll cost? In $ and MSP.

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    I think it's so stupid how it goes to Xbox360 1st, and the whole Elite deal is just to get more money outta you, when you basically just get the maps for "free" when they come out. They're maps lol, it's so pointless, a ton of other people will not have the maps so it's not like you're gonna be left out or anything.

    But yay good post...

  15. Arman M. uJelly?

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    Gay for two reasons 2 maps at a time... **** that money whores... and second honestly Microsoft is gay ass **** for paying them a shitload of money to give them maps first so they switch consoles like honestly... and also for IW/Sledgehammer/Raven accepting this ridiculous bull sad how the system works keep online free Microsoft money whores.. XBox also charges membership PER ACCOUNT... honestly **** that shit... /rant end

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