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Thread: How to find vulnerable websites (For beginners)

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    04-12-2011 04:11 PM #1 How to find vulnerable websites (For beginners)

    [font=Tahoma]I thought i'd post this because using a tool like this is much quicker than doing manual SQLI (unless you prefer doing it old school.:tongue This tool is a little like havij but in my opinion better. I will only be showing you howto find vulnerable websites with this tutorial as their's plenty of tutorials on how to deface an sql vulnerable site.

    First off you need to download the actual tool itself (No this is not my own tool)
    Download (Survey free);

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Once you've downloaded the program itself from the above download link, you need to extract it to a place you will know where to find it. You can find a picture of the programme itself, once opened, below.


    NOTE- Make sure you don't extract the tool away from the folder because that's where the dorks are.

    Ok so now for the tutorial, this is a little long but who ever said hacking was easy? just simply follow these steps bellow and then you will be successful in "hacking" your opponent.

    Step 1 -First you will need to click the "Scanner" tab and then the little "+" icon on the "All dorks". Once done you will see a list like below.

    this is called a "dork" you can pick any dork you want via clicking the little "+" icon, again.

    Step 2 - Next you will need to pick a specific "dork" I'm going to be using ASP with dork ; ".asp?bookID=" you can (enter it into the search box the type of dork you're looking for. This tutorial doesn't require this specific dork, you can chose one to your own preference. So now our stage process should be as shown below.

    Step 3 - Now you will need to press the scan button, make sure to press "Remove duplicates". See the below picture.

    Step 4 - Once you've completed "Step 3" the next thing you will need to do is right click your list (the white part) and press "Send to SQLI Crawler" as so.

    Step 5 - Once in the SQLI Crawler you will need to press "Crawl" this will find you the vulnerable links from the ones you just just imported, this didn't work for me as good as I was hoping. It should look like the following.

    Step 6 - Once your list is populated you have now got yourself some vulnerable sites to SQL inject.

    I would of continued the tutorial into more depth of executing SQL injection with this tool but there's already tutorials around that you can use. If you need any help with SQL injecting/uploading a shell just PM me, I'll be more than happy to help. I know you might think this tutorial is well pointless but it's a simple way of finding vulnerable websites whilst using some of the best dorks. Oh and before you guys say isn't it better just using "Google" well in my opinion no, this method tells you if its vulnerable and gives you over +50 sites at a time which will keep you busy.

    I hope you liked this tutorial and remember whenever hacking/exploiting sites always use a proxy to hide yourself, here's a few proxy's that I use.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] (best in my opinion)

    Remember all my tutorials I do myself from my own personal knowledge. Here's some other tutorials I made ;
    How to hack phpbb2 forums
    How to deface vbulletin site's once gained admin

    Virus scan.
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    04-12-2011 04:13 PM #2

    Good :evil:

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    04-12-2011 04:18 PM #3

    Another great thread Curt, cheers for this mate :y:

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    04-12-2011 04:18 PM #4

    Sweet nice bro :y:
    Its kinda hard finding a vulnerable website in google
    Good Work Curt
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    04-12-2011 04:19 PM #5

    muahaha i got me some hacking to do :evil:

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    04-12-2011 04:23 PM #6

    Looks like you kids are gonna have some fun within the next few hours

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    04-12-2011 04:24 PM #7

    Nice work Curtis

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    04-12-2011 05:27 PM #8

    This isn't your tutorial, same as the one on HF.
    Give credits, it's cool anyways.
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    Nice thread, Thanks for sharing
    Couldn't thank you, So i Nominated it lmfao

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    Nice tutorial curt! I've ****ed making deface pages and just put a redirect to *******! :carling: But never forget to grab the ****ers IP!
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