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Thread: Colorful Facebook

  1. .DeadlyMoDz25's Avatar

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    07-18-2011 10:36 PM #1 Colorful Facebook

    All you do is go to [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] paste this javascript into the URL and hit enter. It's kinda pointless but I suppose something new and funny to show your friends.

    javascript:i=0;c="red","green​","blue","yellow","magenta","o​range"," pink","violet"; a=document.links;setInterval('​i++;ai % document.links.length.style.c​olor=ci % c.length',1);void(0); alert("-=DeadlyMoDz25 Is The ****ing Shit=-")

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    07-18-2011 10:42 PM #2

    This is no MW2 hack :/

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    07-18-2011 10:54 PM #3


    Pretty cool I guess, don't think I'll use it though lol

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    07-18-2011 11:35 PM #4

    Rofl, it doesn't even work, for me at least.
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  5. holyguitar90 Roasted Bacon

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    07-19-2011 02:30 PM #5

    doesnt work 4 me

  6. Pichu's Avatar

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    07-19-2011 04:36 PM #6

    javascript:i=0;c="red","green​","blue","yellow","m agenta","o​range"," pink","violet"; a=document.links;setInterval('​i++;ai % document.links.length.style.c​olor=ci % c.length',1);void(0); alert("-eadlyMoDz25 Is The ****ing Shit=-")

    Should say... alert("this shit doesn't work=-")
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    07-19-2011 04:42 PM #7

    It no work.
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  9. Swanton18 Ragdoll

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    07-19-2011 06:34 PM #8

    doesn't work..

  10. Dockaa!! Banned

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    07-19-2011 06:44 PM #9

    Pointless thread!! Doesn't Work..

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    07-24-2011 08:07 PM #10

    Couldnt get it to work

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