Elite / Premium Members Only
Members who wish to posts a service thread has to be an active " Elite / Premium ( No longer available ) " member. Members who wishes to purchase elite membership could make their purchases here [Only registered and activated users can see links. ].

No Free for first posts/vouches
As the title says no user can ask for a free service for first post or a vouch

Ending Service Thread
Please report the thread for a moderator to close it. I see multiple threads still open that hasn't been reported but have ended.

To report, click this button

This is a big must if your Elite subscription runs out. When your Elite runs out and your shop is still active, please report the thread for it to be closed.

Multiple accounts to make service look legit
Multiple accounts are forbidden on this site and lately I have seen people commenting on there thread with there own account to make it look legit. If you are doing this your thread will potentially be closed and the multiple accounts will be banned.

Asking for Reputation
You cannot ask for Rep for people to gain the service, or when finished the service. If you do this your thread will potentially be closed.

Service Thread Violations
Service threads can only be bumped every 48hrs, Also replies on threads counts as bumps as well. You can also purchase thread Bump item as much as you want from the [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] for 50 credits.

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