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Thread: HOW TO GET THEM / RELEASE] GTA IV (ORIGINAL), TBoGT & TLaD Mods (Online & Oflline)

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    08-24-2012 09:41 PM #1 HOW TO GET THEM / RELEASE] GTA IV (ORIGINAL), TBoGT & TLaD Mods (Online & Oflline)

    By Evil Blunt
    Shadow/Cathering (Online Script 1.0)

    Everything is done with the controller, keyboard needed only for the online script.

    Load Modmanager in Multiplayer (L3 + R3) on TLAD&TBoGT Singlelayer Dial 663(MOD) on the phone to launch modmanager menu then activate load modmanager to load it with L3 + R3 instead of dialing the phone all the time.

    TBoGT Phone Fix now you can load the phone as you used to.
    ModManager 1.2 Beta
    Garage Modshop 2.0 Beta
    Godmode + Unlimited Clip (Enable to Activate, Disable to Deactivate)
    Autosave Anywhere - (R1 + L3)
    Disable Police Patrol at Airport
    Camera Hack Beta
    Show Player/Vehicle/Cam XYZH Coords
    Show Player/Vehicle Speed
    Boost/Hydrolics & Car/Super Jump (Boost On/Off - L3, Boost - X) (Hydrolics/Car Jump On/Off - R3, Hydrorolic - Dpad Down) (Car Jump - Square) (Super Jump On/Off - Circle + Dpad Up) Use Jump - Square)
    Any Heli Vehicle Pick Up (L3)
    Player Model Changer Menu + Props (345 Models GTAIV) (425 Models TLAD + Naked Stubbs Model) (445 Models TBoGT)
    Teleport Menu (60 Teleport locations taken from pc SNT)
    Vehicle Spawn Menu (126 Models GTAIV) (151 Models TLAD) (159 Models TBoGT)
    Simple Trainer v2
    Object Spawner + Object Vehicles (824 Models + 10 Object Vehicles) (Object Spawner On/Off - L1 + R1, Object Vehicles Menu On R1 + L1, OFF - Circle)
    13 Gang War Mi****mes by HuN 2.1 plus 2.2 All in One (Removed Ped Names for TBoGT version others still have Names)
    Map Mods (Derby Plaza, Simple Loops 2 & Super Halfpipe) Location Airport
    PS3 Script
    Online Script 1.0

    PS3 Script Controls
    Bodyguards - (Square + Dpad Up) (Removed Ped Names for TBoGT version others still have Names)
    Fanboys - (Square + Dpad Down)
    Give Weapons - (Square + Dpad Right)
    Flymod On/Off - (Square + Dpad Left)

    Play Anims Menu On/Off (L3 + Square) Cancel animation when in anims menu Circle. (90 Animations for now gonna group together a list) (testing)
    Play Audio Menu On/Off (L3 + Triangle) (testing)
    Play Video Menu On/Off (R1 + Circle) Change screen size = L1, Stop Movie/Remove Movie Frame when video menu is on = Triangle

    Super Speed Run On/Off - (R1 + Dpad Up)
    Change Time (R1 + Dpad Down)
    Change Game Speed (R1 + Dpad Left)
    Change Weather (R1 + Dpad Right)

    Ragdoll On/Off (L1 + Circle)
    Low Gravity On/Off (L1 + Triangle)
    OverHeadcam On/Off (L1 + Dpad Up)
    Clear Area - (L1 + Dpad Down)
    Auto Aim On/Off - (L1 + Dpad Right)
    Wanted On/Off - (L1 + Dpad Left)

    Player Visibility On/Off - (Dpad Up + R3)
    Player Car Visibility On/Off - (Dpad Down + R3)
    Vehicle Helper On/Off - (Dpad Right + R3)
    Remove Vehicle Invinvibility - (Dpad Left + R3)

    Teleport Out Of Vehicle - (Circle + Dpad Down)
    Fix Vehicle - (Circle + Dpad Left)
    Door Locks - (Circle + Dpad Right)

    Rockets On Vehicle - (X + Dpad Up) (Changed Position for helis, boats, cars still needs bit tweaking)
    Big Explosion On Player - (L3 + Circle)

    Object Spawner Controls
    Object Spawner On/Off - (L1 + R1)
    Previous Object - (L1), Next Object - (R1)
    Spawn Object - (X)
    (Copy Object - (Circle) Must be on foot) (Attach Object to Vehicle - (Circle) Must be in vehicle first)
    Unfreeze Object (Triangle)
    Delete Object - (L3)
    Select Model Group - (Square)
    Select Object Mode - (R3)
    Show Controls - (select)
    Pickup Stealable Objects once created - (L1)

    Object Vehicle Spawn Menu Controls
    Object Vehicles Menu On - (R1 + L1)
    Select Object Vehicles - (Dpad Left/Dpad Right)
    Select Object Model Group - (Square)
    Spawn Object Vehicle - (X)
    Close Menu - (Circle)
    Delete Object/Vehicle - (R3)

    Change Player Model Controls
    Select Models/Props - (Dpad Left/Dpad Right)
    Change Model/Prop - (X)
    Select Model/Prop Group - (Square)
    Close Menu - (Circle)
    Props Menu On/Off - (Triangle)
    Clear Character Props - (R1)
    Random Component Variation - (L1)
    Rotate Player - (LTrigger + RTrigger)
    Reset To Single/MultiPlayer Model - (L3)
    Camera Controls - (Select, R3)
    Show Controls - (Select)

    Vehicle Spawn Menu Controls
    Select Models - (Dpad Left/Dpad Right)
    Select Model Group - (Square)
    Spawn Model - (X)
    Close Menu - (Circle)
    Delete Vehicle - (R3)

    Teleport Menu Controls
    Select Destination - (Dpad Left/Dpad Right)
    Teleport - (X)
    Teleport to Waypoint - (Square)
    Location Group - (R1)
    Close Menu - (Circle)

    Simple Trainer v2 Controls
    Menu On - (Square + L3)
    Select Mods - (Dpad Up/Dpad Down)
    Activate Mods On/Off - (Dpad Right)
    Close Menu - (Circle)

    Camera Hack Beta
    Cam Hack On/Off (Circle + L3)
    Cam Mode (R3)
    Show Cam Coordinates (Select)
    DPAD, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, L1, R1, L2, R2

    Grand Theft Auto IV
    Download: GTAIV Offline & Online Scripts XBOX

    Download: GTAIV Offline & Online Scripts PS3

    Episodes From Liberty City
    Download: EFLC Offline & Online Scripts XBOX

    Download: EFLC Offline & Online Scripts PS3

    -Fixed Video Player Menu, Movie Frame stays on when you close menu and use Triangle/Y when in video menu to remove frame.
    -Fixed Object Vehicles(Neons attached wasnt showing)
    -Fixed Overhead Cam
    -Fixed few issues with object spawner
    -Changed print names postition and text so now you see second prints.
    -Fixed some issues with object spawner
    -Added 300+ more objects now up to 820+
    -Added Copy function to object spawner must be on foot
    -Added attach any object to car with Circle/B must be in car first (gonna fix this up there is an issue with this)
    -Changed Teleport Menu now grouped by the islands (If anyone wants any teleport locations added post your xyzh coordinates and ill add them to the list)
    -Added Simple Trainer v2 with some edits by me.
    -Removed T3ch Script
    -Added Dont fly out windscreen and auto flip car after 5-6 secs to vehicle helper
    -Added Huns All in one gangwar Mi****me 2.2
    -EFLC versions.
    -Fix for TBoGT Phone
    -Fixed Simple Trainer should load now
    -Fixed Object Spawer Should load now
    -Fixed Object Attach To Vehicle.
    -Added Camera Coords to Show XYZH Coords
    -Fixed Up Rockets Attach Offsets for Boats, Helis, cars for SimpleTrainer and added to ps3 script.
    -New Addition to the pack Camera Hack Beta

    Thanks & All credit to EvilB on NGU as he is the rightful owner, and this is different to that Zaapatatataa kids one, this is easier, more details, better scripts (patches) and more details..oh and its for TBoGT and TLaD as well as the original GTA.

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    07-07-2014 08:46 PM #2

    how can i get tbogt mods. and put them them on usb and install them on my ps3 without burning them on cd. i got iv garage mod shop and installed it from usb but i would rather have tbogt. offline. cause my ps3 is on 3.55 and i dont know how to get it online.

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    08-01-2014 04:37 PM #3

    How would I get this on my ps3 without it being jailbroken? Is there a tutorial to download it via USB?

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    10-05-2014 06:42 PM #4

    wheres the download

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    download ????

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