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    NextGenUpdate New User Guide
    (Revised 2014)
    A thread almost a year in the making. - Cryptic
    © 2014. All rights reserved. Thread and it's contents are copyright protected works of the threads author and Duplication of this work is not authorized without written permission from the thread author and/or the CEO of


    Hello and welcome new user. First off, we, the staff here at would like to thank you for joining our community, and welcome you to the community. We're excited to have you here in the community with us. As a member of our community, you have unlimited access to some of the best gaming knowledge around, ranging from cheats and modifications, to strategies and guides through levels.

    Here in this new user guide, we're going to cover a lot of things that you, the new use, may wish to know or have questions about. All of the content in this guide has been hand written over the years by our experienced staff and members. We'll cover things from changing your avatar to moving up through the ranks and higher membership.

    There are a number of things that have been asked over the years, that still get asked today. The goal of this guide is to help you. This guide is designed to help you become a productive healthy member of our community. Overtime, as needed, this guide will be updated as the administration of Nextgenupdate sees fit.

    Always remember help is just a question away. Don't be afraid to ask questions about things you're not sure of, or when you need help. There is always someone on the site who is willing to help you, with whatever it is you need. There are no dumb questions. The only dumb questions are those that go unasked.

    Id' like to thank all of the staff both presently serving the site as well as those former staff members whom are no longer serving with us. I'd also like to thank those users who helped make some of this possible over the years with their contribution of helpful content to the site. I'd like to name you all, but there are far too many to list. One final thanks goes out to all those members who have, and continue to donate money into the site to keep the servers up and running for us. Without y'all, none of this would be possible, nor would it exist.

    Without further ado let's get started shall we?

    Table of Contents:

    1. Introduction
    2. History of NextGenUpdate
    3. Social Media for NextGenUpdate
    4. The Forums
    5. Forum Rules
    6. Forum Etiquette
    7. Introducing yourself
    8. You're account
      • Establishing your account
        • Changing your signature
        • Changing your avatar
        • Changing your usertitle (select memberships only)
        • Changing your username color (select memberships only)
        • Changing your userbar color (select memberships only)

      • Account Security
        • Lost Account - What to do next
        • Good passwords
        • Dual Authentication

    9. Levels of Membership
      • Normal
      • Premium (no longer available)
      • Elite
        • Purchasing
        • Cancelling

      • Staff (see 10)

    10. Staff
      • Hierarchy
        • Administrators
        • Content Managers
        • Moderators
        • Sectional Moderators
        • Gaming Squad/Game Analysts

      • Purpose and Roles

    11. NextGenUpdate Store
    12. Membership requirements for certain features
    13. How to make Proper Threads
    14. Reputation on NextGenUpdate
    15. NextGenUpdate Shoutbox
    16. NextGenUpdate Homepage
    17. Closure
    18. Credits

    History of Nextgenupdate:

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    the sites CEO and founder, started Nextgenupdate with a dream, a dream to help kids have fun with their games, to exploit glitches, and to have a place for gamers to generally hang out. The site, aided by his YouTube channel eXoOutsider which hosted many Call of Duty glitches found by him or his friends, helped Nextgenupdate flourish into what it has become today. The channel, no longer active at this time, can truly be credited to the successes of Nextgenupdate. The site opened mid to late 2008 and since then as prospered into the million plus member site it is today. Today the site thrives off of donations from its faithful premium level members through the Elite program as well as word of mouth from its many members.
    Plans for a redesign of Nextgenupdate began in 2012 and in 2013 Nextgenupdate upgraded its appearance to what we know today. What started as glitches quickly transformed into hacking and modding with the expanse of system and os exploits found on the then current, and now current, generation gaming consoles. It’s this hacking and modding content that makes up the basis of Nextgenupdate’s content as well as the desire for our members to be members of the site, for the latest in greatest in hacks, mods, and gaming news.

    A few words from out CEO himself:
    Originally Posted by Outsider Nextgenupdate New User Guide
    “First of all, welcome everyone. Thank you all for taking the time to sign up and see what we’re all about. I hope this guide here helps you figure out what we’re all about as well as how to get various things that you’d like to get out of Nextgenupdate. I truly appreciate you joining my site. Here at Nextgenupdate, everyone is welcome. It’s not about when you signed up; it’s about who you chose to be on here. Everyone has a chance to be an 'original' member of the community here at Again thank you for signing up, I look forward to seeing the contributions of new members as well as watching them flourish on the site.” ~ [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    NGU Social Media:
    We have various Social Media outlets in which you can further connect with us. You'll want to follow and like these pages in order to keep up with the latest that's going with NextGenUpdate.

    Our Facebook page can be found at this address: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Our Twitter page can be found at this address: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    As of right now these, along with our website are our primary ways of connecting with you, the user.

    We have official groups for various games; rather it's Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, Battlefield, or Call of Duty. The links to these can be found stuck in their appropriate sections that correspond with said game(s).

    The Forums:
    There is a lot that can be found on our forums. Each area has its own purpose. Within each section is a wealth of information concerning anything you can possible imagine, rather it's your favorite game or favorite console. You'll always find what you're looking for.

    Our forums index breaks down as such:

    1. NGU Site Boards
      • NGU Announcements
      • Forum Help and Suggestions
      • Introduce Yourself to NGU
      • Site Forum and Suggestions

    2. Featured Gaming Boards (periodically changed: Current as of June 20th, 2014)
      • Grand Theft Auto 5
        • Cheats and Mods
        • Services and Shops

      • Call of Duty: Ghosts
        • Cheats and Mods
        • Service and Shops
        • Party-Up and Boosting
        • Questions and Support

      • Watch Dogs
        • Cheats and Mods
        • Service and Shops

      • Call of Duty Classics
        • Black Ops 2
          • Various subsections within on modding and Zombies

        • Black Ops
          • Various subsections within on modding and Zombies

        • Modern Warfare 3
          • Various subsections within on modding and Co-Op

        • Modern Warfare 2
          • Various subsections within on modding and Co-Op

      • Gran Turismo 6
      • Battlefield 4
      • Fifa 14
      • Minecraft
        • Cheats and Mods
        • Griefing
        • Server Discussion

    3. Platform Boards
      • Playstation 4
        • Trophies and Game Saves
        • Cheats and Customization
        • Questions and Support

      • Playstation 3
        • Trophies and Game Saves
        • Cheats and Customization
        • Questions and Support

      • Xbox One
        • Achievements and Game Saves
        • Cheats and Customization
        • Questions and Support

      • Xbox 360
        • Achievements, Game Saves, and JTag
        • Cheats and Customization
        • Questions and Support

    4. Computers
      • PC Gaming
      • Programming
      • Internet Talk

    5. Mobile
      • Apple and iOS
      • Google and Android

    6. Miscellaneous Platforms
      • Steam
      • PS Vita
      • Nintendo Wii U

    7. Entertainment Boards
      • General Discussion
      • Sports
      • YouTube Lounge
      • Auctions Section

    The following are private hidden forums:

    1. Premium (Select Memberships only) - Depreciated
      • Premium Member Forums
        • Premium Lounge
        • Premium Content
        • Programs
        • Requests

    2. Elite Forums (Select Memberships Only)
      • NGU Elite Content
        • Game Modding
        • Programming
        • Modded Lobbies and Services

      • NGU Elite Lounge
        • Suggestions
        • Requests and Accounts
        • 18+ Area

    Quite a bit to take in isn't it? Each section is vital to the function of our site, and house some of the best gaming content on the Internet. A lot of these sections are self explanatory as to their functions. Please note that the gaming community is ever changing, so these sections are constantly changing.

    NGU Forum Rules and Regulations:

    Below you'll find a copy of the NextGenUpdate Forum Rules and Regulations. These are just basic simple rules that should be abided by while you enjoy your stay here on NextGenUpdate. They're not here to put a damper on fun by no means. They are just a simple way to make sure everyone plays nicely with one another so to speak.

    · Your Account
    o Multiple Accounts
    Multiple accounts are not allowed. Do not make multiple accounts to give yourself: Rep, Thanks, Vbux, Gifts or Ribbons. If you have multiple accounts they will be deleted, and there's a possibility of you receiving an IP ban.

    o Begging
    Do not beg for Rep, Thanks, Vbux, Gifts or Ribbons. This includes doing rep4rep with other members.

    o Advertising
    Advertising is not permitted with the exception of one or two, i.e. YouTube or Google. DO NOT advertise other forums, pornography or clan websites, even if it is linked to another site via the bbcode "url" tag, it is still considered advertising as the text displayed is another site. Advertising is not generally allowed via a PM but ask a moderator if it's acceptable to ask a friend to join via PM.

    o Impersonating Others
    Stealing another person's identity is not allowed. This could be anything from saying you are a mod to changing your username to look similar to any other member, including staff.

    o Hacking Accounts
    Phishing, hacking or signing in on another person's account strictly forbidden. If you are found to be hacking members of this website you will receive a permanent ban, even if it is a small virus, you will be banned.

    o Signatures/Avatars
    Signatures and avatars are available for all members, but no more than 2 can be used at one time. They can be whatever size you like, as long as they: do not break the page/fit the size allocated. Most content is allowed with the exception of Forum Rules. You're allowed website's in your signatures, with the exception of a couple and the text size must be the standard font size or smaller. Ask a Mod/Admin if you're unsure as to what these are. If you are going to add a picture related to your forum, they must be no bigger than a standard user bar (350x19px).

    · Behavior to Members
    o Flaming
    Flaming will not be tolerated. This includes petty name calling to full on abuse, threats of any kind and general rudeness. All people involved will be punished. If you feel someone is treating you unfairly, simply press the report button at the bottom of that person's post, and a Mod/Admin will deal with it. Do not become involved in an argument!

    o Discrimination
    Discrimination or racism towards anyone will not be tolerated. This includes religious/personal beliefs, race, color, gender, language, etc. Treat others as you wish to be treated otherwise you could be banned.

    o Moderators
    Moderators are equal to all members of this website. Please do not try to use a Moderator in defense of something/someone or as a witness. This can put a Mod in a difficult position. Also, if moderator applications occur, or promotions are approaching, do not try to nominate anyone. It will be picked up on and will severely decrease your chances of promotions. Moderators also follow moderation rules so if any of them is found to break them please PM an admin, preferably SnaY.

    o Shoutbox
    Forum rules still apply! Posting any sort of websites that may move/resize the windows of a web browser, or create many additional dialogues in an attempt to make it difficult to close, will result in an infraction as it may cause the user to have to shut down their browser to close it. If anyone breaks the rules in the shoutbox, there is no "report" button so you will have PM a moderator. This also stands for on the forums. Any sort of spoilers, moderation codes or quotes along with anything that will either stretch the shoutbox or imitate a prune will be classes as a spam.

    o Section Rules
    Some sections have their own set of rules which you must also follow. If you can't find these, they are usually a sticky at the top of the page made by an administrator or moderator. They will specify the rules of this section as some sections have slightly different rules.

    o Spam
    Do not spam links to your thread, do not ask for something every 3 seconds and do not spam the smilies. Other members will find this very annoying and you could be banned from the shoutbox.

    · Posting

    o Spamming
    Spamming the forums will be picked up on, and dealt with accordingly. Spam can be anything from a person posting the same thing twice, giving one word answers and "jsdfjkjalhj." One word answers are only permitted in the "Forum Games" section. If you have nothing constructive to say, don't Post! Check to see if what you are posting has already been posted. Usually just typing in the title will do it. Also don't hijack threads by linking to posts you've made in other people's threads or it will be deleted along with your thread.

    o Referral sites
    Do not post sites where you either have to sign up under someone's username or have to click in order for them to be able to gain prizes. If you were smart enough you would be able to get all these without having the trick the forum into helping you in less the time.

    o Misleading Content
    Do not post threads in order to mislead a member. This could be anything from phrasing a question as a tutorial or saying it is one thing and it being completely different.

    o Adult Material
    Do not post any kind of pornography or any sort of image if the human genitalia. This could be anything from videos like 1 man 1 jar and pictures like bluewaffle, to just a picture of a nipple. There are young users on this site so respect their innocent ways.

    o Bumping Threads
    Bumping threads will be picked up on. This means if a thread has not been posted in for a while, DO NOT post in there to bump it back up to the 'New Post' section this is made clearly by the warning box below quick reply. However, if you have something constructive to put forward into the thread, please post it. If you are just going to post "thanks" you will be site warned.

    o Ripping Content
    Ripping content from other users, websites or copy write material is not allowed here. Create it yourself! If you submit material to the GFX section that is not your own/ripped/copied, you will receive a ban from that section.

    o Reporting a Post
    Simple to do, and avoids any confrontation between members. The report button can be found in the bottom left of a person's post, and is either a triangle, with red edges or a button with a * inside it. By clicking this, a report is sent to the moderators/administrators, where it is dealt with from there.

    o Backseat Moderating
    Backseat Moderating is the act of posting in a thread as a "moderator" saying something like "mods please close" or "move this thread to this forum." This is not allowed at NextGenUpdate. Instead, please use the report post button to alert a moderator more quickly and conveniently. All posts like this will be treated as spam and deleted. If there are several occurrences some warnings and infractions may be shown.

    o Grammar
    Please make sure that what you are trying to say is understandable. Using long sentences with no punctuation is hard to see what people are saying. Using all capitals or capitals in front of every word can also annoy users.

    o Trolling
    Do not feed the trolls or even become one. This can get you into serious trouble with moderators and huge amounts of reputation can be lost as other members often do not approve with the content that trolls post.

    o Leaking
    Leaking premium content to other sites will either be a removal of your premium status or a permanent ban depending on the circumstances. Leaking from premium to non-premium will result in a temporary ban but the infractions will not expire.

    o Scamming
    Depending on what is scammed the consequences vary. Scamming of real life goods or real life money is a permanent ban. Scamming of small amounts of vbux is a temporary ban and large amounts is more serious. The larger amount you scam, the more severe the consequences.

    · Reputation
    o Negative rep
    Overusing the negative reputation button or not giving a valid reason for removing someone's rep can give you a warning for misusing the privilege. Misuse of -Rep will result in an infraction being issued to you.

    o Rep for ___
    Asking for rep in exchange for anything is against the rules whether it be vbux, gifts, ribbons or trades.

    o Asking for Reputation
    Asking for reputation or posting links to reputation anywhere will result in an infraction. If you continue to ask for reputation after this, all of your reputation points will be RESET.

    o Reputation Boosting
    Boosting your reputation with another user is strictly prohibited here. If you give reputation to another user for reputation in return, you will both be infracted and have your reputation RESET without any warning or notification. This rule has no tolerance what so ever and we will find you!

    o Rep in signatures and user titles
    Asking for reputation or posting links to reputation in your signature or in your user title is strictly forbidden on the forum. You are also forbidden from talking about or referring to reputation in your signature or user title..

    o Abuse via reputation/showing off with reputation.
    From now on, you are not allowed to use -rep for the purpose of causing grief to someone and you are not allowed to show off with your reputation harassing newer members. You will be infracted for this.

    · Consequences
    o Warnings
    Warnings are given when the member has broken a certain rule, but not that severely. So say for double posting or accidental spamming, the member will be given a warning, just to let him/her know that they didn't need to do the action in question.

    o Infractions
    Infractions are given when someone has failed to comply with the rules, has posted something they shouldn't have, is being insulting to/rude/flaming other members, etc. If you are not happy with the decision there is a section you can challenge the infraction given to you.

    1 Point is a strong warning.
    2 Points is a very strong warning, edging on a ban.
    3 Points is a 5 day ban.
    4 Points is a 7 day ban.
    5 and above points is permanent ban.

    o Warning/Infraction Forum
    This forum is the place you can go to challenge a warning/infraction given. Find the post stating you have received one, and you can post in there to dispute it. If you have proof or an alibi that you were not in the wrong, they are allowed to post in there also to help you out/back you're case! Do not post in a thread which isn't your infraction.

    Stick to the rules and enjoy your time here at NextGenUpdate, if you have anything to add or anything is conflicting please let us know!

    Below is a little disclaimer that you should've read when you created your account. You had to click a box saying you agree to it. You read it right? Well just in case, as a refresher, here it is again:

    "By agreeing to these terms, you warrant that you will, at all times of site use and to the best of your ability, follow the site rules as seen here.

    Additionally, you agree that you will not submit content that is obscene, vulgar, hateful, threatening, or in violation of any laws.

    The staff of NextGenUpdate reserves the right to modify any/all user-submitted content at any time and for any reason. Types of modification include, but are not limited to: removal, editing, moving, closing, and censoring.

    The staff of NextGenUpdate also reserves the right to remove any user's site access privileges at any time and for any reason. The site staff may ban, infract, and warn users at their discretion. NextGenUpdate staff also have the right to change and alter things as they choose, without consulting members.

    Although the staff of NextGenUpdate will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off the site, it is impossible for us to review all content. All content is a manifestation of the author, and neither the owners of NextGenUpdate nor Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. may be held responsible or accountable for any/all user-submitted content. "

    Forum Etiquette:

    Forum Etiquette is something that is often forgotten here on NextGenUpdate.

    Etiquette is defined as “The practices and forms prescribed by social convention or by authority."

    Now you may ask what does this mean. Essentially what this means, is you should act like a civilized person here on NextGenUpdate as you would in public. You want to treat other members with respect. Be polite and courtesy. To get respect on NGU, you have to first give respect. It isn't given to you automatically, it's earned.

    You want to treat other members, as you would like to be treated yourself. If you don't want someone calling you a noob, don't call someone else a noob. Instead of calling that person a noob, help them if you have the knowledge and means to do so. Things like this make you a productive member of the community. Those who help other members, and are polite as well as respectful stand out far more to the Administration than those who fail to maintain proper forum etiquette. When spots for staff open up on the site, helpful members are our go to for picks.

    Introducing yourself on NGU:

    As you may have seen from the forum section of this guide, there was a section called 'Introduce Yourself to NGU'. Here is where most users make their first post. Note posts in this section do NOT count towards your post count.

    Good introduction threads are ones that tell a little about yourself. Favorite hobbies, past gaming experiences, past forum experience if you were staff on other forums, consoles you own, favorite games, why you joined NextGenUpdate, and anything else you feel you'd want to add.

    Be careful not to include any information that you wouldn't want anyone to have, such as your physical address, personal email, skype name, etc.

    Once you've made an introduction thread for yourself, you may not make another one a year(s) later. You're welcome to post in others introduction threads, giving new members a warm welcome, just keep in mind that your post count will not rise, as posts in this section do not count towards your post count.

    Your Account:

    Now we are going to cover your account, and the different aspects of it.

    If you're reading this, then you've already established your account, however we're going to cover a few basic things regarding your account here at NextGenUpdate.

    When you post you'll notice that underneath a lot of posts, members have images or words. These are called signatures. You can edit your signature via this link here: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    There are limits to your signature. Images may not be bigger than 500x100 pixels. You're limited to 5 images per signature, and up to 6 lines in your signature. Standard forum rules apply.

    In addition to signatures, besides peoples names you'll see a small image. This is called an avatar. You can edit your avatar via this link here: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    There are limits to your avatar. Images may not be bigger than 100x100 pixels. Standard forum rules apply to images.

    Changing your usertitle (select memberships only):
    Beside users avatars you'll notice a line of text underneath peoples name. This is called a usertitle. For select memberships (staff, premium, and Elites) this can be changed to custom text. For normal members, we have a preset list of usertitles that will automatically change based on your post count when you reach certain levels. The list is highly classified, and is meant to be a surprise to encourage you to post. If you have a Staff, Premium, or Elite level account, you can change your usertitle via this link here: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Changing Username Color (select memberships only):
    By now you've noticed the array of colors of usernames here on NextGenUpdate. Depending on your level of membership, you can change this color. Normal level members are by default grey, and cannot be changed, unless you purchase an Elite Level Membership. Premium level members are by default orange, and cannot be changed, unless you purchase an Elite Level membership. Elite level membership owners can change their username color, from a pre-determined list of colors via this link here: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Changing Userbar Color (select memberships only):
    By now you've noticed the array of colors of userbars denoting the level of membership here on NextGenUpdate. Depending on your level of membership, you can change this color. Normal level members do not have a userbar, unless you purchase an Elite Level Membership. Premium level members are by default orange, and cannot be changed, unless you purchase an Elite Level membership. Elite level membership owners can change their userbar color, from a pre-determined list of colors via this link here: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Account Security:

    Now we're going to discuss something a little bit more serious, Account security. Account security is very important here on NextGenUpdate. You're most valuable possession here on the site is your account. Once you begin to provide content and establishing a name for yourself here on the site, you'll want to make sure your account is secure and cannot be stolen. Let's cover some important points shall we.
    Lost Account - What to do next:
    So you've lost your account? Well it isn't the end of the world. We have 3 simple steps to help recover your account in the event of theft, lost password, etc.

    1. Lost password link - [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
      • This is the most simple form of getting your account back. It's tied to your email, so all you have to do is input your email that you signed up to the site with, and follow the directions.

    2. Password reset form - [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
      • This was set up in hopes to help as many people as possible, and get reset passwords to people as quickly as possible. It's linked to the Administration team who processes requests sent in via this link.

    3. Enjoy having your account back. It's really that simple. Should one of the above two options not work, you can always reach out to a member of staff to help you recover your lost account.

    Good passwords:
    Good strong passwords are always recommended to be used here on the site, and really anywhere you need a password. abc123 is not an example of a good password. MD5 Hashed passwords are the most common used and are extremely effective, as well as being highly recommended.
    You can find a good MD5 Hash generator here via this link: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Just enter some words into the box, then press md5. Copy the password down into a notepad file, then save the file to a(n) external HADD or USB drive! NEVER save something containing passwords to your computer's hard drive. Should you're machine ever get compromised, then the hacker has your passwords. With external storage, only you will have access to the passwords.

    Dual Authentication:

    Dual authentication is a form of second protection for your account. You have 3 options for extra protection, a second password, email authentication, YubiKey.

    The most common used is a second password. Should you chose to use a second password; it's highly encouraged that it's a MD5 Hashed password.

    The second option you have isn't used as widely, and that is email authentication. As the name implys, when you go to log in, the email you input will get an email sent to it, with a link that you'll have to click to complete the request.

    The third option is mostly used by staff. This is the YubiKey. YubiKeys can be bought from the Internet. It's basically a password on a flashdrive. YubiKeys have to be approved by Admins, so seek permission before you choose this option.

    To set up dual authentication for your account you'll want to visit this link here: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Levels of Membership:

    There are currently 4 different levels of membership. They are the following:

    1. Normal members
    2. Premium Members
    3. Elite Members
    4. Staff Members (See the next section)
      • Former Staff

    Normal members are what you, the new user, are now. Grey username, access to all forums that are not hidden, with generally no restrictions outside of the Auctions section.

    Premium members are members who were here when Premium Membership was something that was able to be purchased. Premium status may no longer be purchased. They are orange in color with the same access to all the forums as a normal member, in addition to the hidden premium sections. Premium members are not bound by the Auctions Sections limitations and may buy, sell, and trade at will. Premium members can be identified by their username color and style, orange with italics. IE: Cryptic Soldier

    Elite members are our now current elevated membership status. They are a variety of colors as well as bold users. They have access to all forums outside of Staff. They are not bound by Auction Sections rules and regulations in terms of buying, selling, and trading. Elite memberships are recurring memberships with an expiration date. Elite may be bought in 1 month, 3 month, or yearly increments. The prices of Elite (as of June 20th, 2014) are as follows:

    1. 1 Month – $3.99 USD
    2. 3 Months – $9.99 USD
    3. 12 Months - $29.99 USD

    Payment for Elite can be made through Paypal. Elite offers the absolute latest and greatest in terms of updated mods, glitches, and hacks for today’s hottest games across various platforms. Payments can also be set up to be on auto-renewal so you’ll never run out of Elite.

    Becoming an Elite member offers alot of benefits and perks on the forum. A full list of which may be viewed from the following link:
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Elite may be purchased through this page here, which also explains the benefits of purchasing Elite - [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Staff will be defined in the next section of the guide.


    There are various levels of staff. Here we will break them down and go through the hierarchy of staff, as well as their purpose and roles on NGU.
    The various levels of staff are as follows:

    1. Administrators
    2. Content Managers (Super Mods)
    3. Moderators
    4. Sectional Moderators
    5. Game Analyst
    6. Former Staff (Super Premium)

    These staff members serve a vital roll in the day-to-day functions of Nextgenupdate.
    Next we will break down the roles and purpose of the various staff members.


    These are top dog members. They control the entire site and have the greatest access, as well as control, over all aspects of Nextgenupdate. They can change usernames, create new forum sections, ban features, etc. The purpose of the Admin is to give the other staff members someone to answer to. Without them the lower level staff members, as well as the site in general, would run wild. Their role is to operate the sites day-to-day functions, majority of which is behind the scenes. Rather it be guiding lower staff members, paying for the site, building and installing new features, the Admins are there making sure it all goes smoothly.

    Content Managers

    These are the moderator’s immediate supervisors. They oversee moderation functions, give reviews of moderator performance, and are essentially the Admins right hand people as well as their eyes on the forums. The purpose of the Content Managers is to make sure new fresh content is coming into Nextgenupdate; to make sure the moderators are doing their job, and to help assist all members with general questions about Nextgenupdate. Their role is to assist the Admins in implementing new features to Nextgenupdate and to monitor the activity of the forum as a whole while the Admins focus on the back end.


    Moderators are the first line for people with questions. They moderate the forums, and help to keep them clean of spam and harmful posts to the community. They are knowledgeable in most things Nextgenupdate and can answer most questions about the site. Their purpose is simple. Moderate. Keep things in balance, the forums clean, and people coexisting peacefully. Their role is to assist the Content Managers by moderating the forums, enforcing the rules, and helping to bring content into Nextgenupdate.

    Sectional Moderators
    Sectional moderators are limited in what they can do for you the end user. Their powers are isolated to the sections they are assigned and only those sections, however, in the sections they are assigned they have the full powers and rights as a moderator. Within their sections they can move threads, delete posts, issue infractions, etc. If you see something amiss in a section, find that sections Sectional Moderator and inform them. They'll be happy to help. Their purpose is to maintain order in the sections they are assigned, to keep them as clean and organized as possible. Their role is to assist the Moderators in day to day maintaining of the forums sections, cut down on the amount of reported posts, and help to keep order, as well as bring in content to Nextgenupdate.

    Game Analysts/Gaming Squad

    Game Analysts/Gaming Squad are members who report on the latest in gaming news, as well as provide new mods, hacks, and glitches for games. Their purpose is to look throughout the Internet for the latest breaking news in gaming then report on it to Nextgenupdate. The purpose of the Gaming Squad is to develop new hacks, mods, and glitches for games, as well as to help those who have questions regarding the modding of their favorite game. Their role is one and the same, keep new content coming into Nextgenupdate. These are our main content providers to the site.

    Former Staff (Super Premium)

    Former Staff are our members who have served with us, and have long since retired. Depending on their level AND quality of service, these users may be bold or non-bold. They are orange in color and have no italics. They have access to all forums, including premium but excluding Elite. Some Former Staff members, given a high quality and length of service, are awarded Elite Status for exceptional service to Nextgenupdate. Their purpose is simple. Continue being the upstanding members of Nextgenupdate that they were as staff. They also have a role, in the sense that they are able to help new staff members with questions they may have about moderating in the event a Content Manager is unable to be reached.

    A complete list of current operators of NGU can be found via this link here: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    From this link you can quickly communicate with whichever level of staff/staff member that you need to communicate with.

    You can check the bottom of any section to see which Moderators run that section:

    NextGenUpdate Store:

    At the moment, the NextGenUpdate Store only has Xploder available. Xploder is a program for both PS3 and Xbox that allows you to modify your game saves and even use saves from others!

    Store: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Membership Requirements for certain features:

    Certain memberships are required for certain features here on Nextgenupdate, mainly auctions. Normal members may only buy from people, use services ONLY if they are free, and anything in generally that is free.

    Premium members may participate in all things in the Auctions sections; Buying, selling, trading, services (paid and free), and anything that is generally free. Elite members are exactly the same in this aspect.

    More information can be found on this here - [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Posting a Good Thread:

    Posting a good thread is actually quite easy. Good threads are somewhat thought out, well put together, and convey their point effectively. Proper grammar should be considered and used at all times. Divide big ‘walls of text’ into paragraphs, about 3-5 sentences make a good paragraph.
    Text that uses leet speak (h3y u guys), improper grammar (hey u guys how r u, I ned help with dis thing hur), or improperly spelled words are difficult to read and often lead to your post being ignored.
    Remember to search before posting. Chances are if you have a question, or found something you think to be groundbreaking new, someone else has posted it before you. 40 threads on PS4 Firmware 2.0 being released isn’t needed, neither is 40 threads on why Patch X isn’t working with new Update 1.XX. Always look before you post.
    If you have a question about modding, try to include as much detail as possible. This will lead to you being helped well be members of the community. If your posting on something new, especially if its news, REMEMBER to ALWAYS give credit ESPECIALLY if you copy and paste word for word what your posting.

    On NextGenUpate

    Reputation is a number you’ll have, that for the most part reflects the quality of your posts. Each time you make a post, it can be thanked (that gives you 20 rep), or repped (which gives a different amount for each user). You’ll need 50 posts to both thank and rep threads, and you’ll need 100 posts to groan (which doesn't affect their rep). You’ll have repping abilities unlocked when you see this button showing up on the bottom of people’s posts:

    Please keep in mind that misuse of negative reputation is against the rules. If you are caught giving multiple users negative rep for no reason, you will receive an infraction.

    NextGenUpdate ShoutBox

    A. ShoutBox Etiquette

    Although there are no written rules, you typically know when you’re doing something wrong. Don’t spam, flame, post porn, shockers or any sort of malicious content in the ShoutBox. Those are some of the more common causes of being banned from the chat but not all. Each moderator reserves the right to ban you at any time at their own discretion. If you feel you were wrongfully banned, pm the mod that banned you or one of their superiors.

    B. ShoutBox Commands

    You may see some special forms of messages in the ShoutBox that you won’t know how to do. Here’s a quick bit of info on them:

    1./me commandThe /me command will display a message without the timestamp and with asterisks around it.

    2.Private messages
    If you see [PM] BEFORE their name, they’re trying to talk privately to you. This is done by clicking on their name and chatting in the new tab. Or alternatively, you can type out the PM command which is: /pm USERNAME; Hello

    3.Post milestones
    A message will automatically show up in the shoutbox whenever a user reaches a specific amount of posts (100, 1000, etc).

    4.Moderator commands
    These will show up whenever a Moderator uses a specific command on a user. They will show up something like this:

    Here are all the commands defined:
    JimErased all shouts means the moderator has deleted all your shouts in the chat.
    Silenced/Carlinged the user means that they can still see the ShoutBox, but their messages won’t go through. unSilenced/unCarlinged removes this restraint.
    Gobbling the user bans them and they only see a notice saying that they are currently banned from the ShoutBox. Being unGobbled means the ban has been lifted.
    Gobbling the user for X hours is a temporary ban on the user. The banned user will have a message stating (in seconds) how long they are banned for. unGobbled can also mean that their temporary ban has been lifted.
    ENZO-F [AUTO] X has been unbanned is an automated message that means the user's temporary ban has run out. This will only happen if their temporary ban wasn't lifted by a Moderator before-hand.

    C. ShoutBox Control Panel

    You can customize your ShoutBox in several different ways by clicking the "Options" button to the right of the text box. You can do several things like block users, set custom commands and more!

    D. ShoutBox Notice

    The notice is displayed at the top of the Shoutbox. The Moderators will try to update the notice each day with some of the articles you can find on the homepage. Other information like site updates, useful threads and more will be in the notice as well.

    NextGenUpdate Homepage:

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] is where you’ll find all the newest gaming articles. This is where you can see the latest video game news and updates. Be sure to check it regularly for more updates. We will also link some of the newest articles in the Shoutbox notice.


    This concludes the new user guide for now. We, the staff, hope this is of great assistance to you in your time here in the community. Reference this guide often, as things are ever changing. Again, thank you for taking the time to check out our site and signing up. If there is ever a question you have that isn’t covered here, please don’t hesitate to ask chances are it should be added in here or is answered somewhere else.
    Enjoy your stay here at Nextgenupdate.


    Outsider for his statement
    CLM for providing information on certain topics - [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    3,600th posts. :fyea:

    Also I have a copy of this text backed up on a flash drive, so fuck off Merkii. Won't be deleting this one from me, you little shit. I can just repost it.
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    CLM's thread...alot of what he had in his was in here. Some of what he had in his, wasn't in mine, and a lot that is in mine wasn't in his. I pulled excerpts from his, and placed them into mine. Credit was given. His thread shall now be unsticked.

    This thread will continue to be updated, and added to.
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    This thread should be updated as a few things have changed such as the premium section
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