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  1. Grats man, long time since we were able to play together!
    Got a friend in the ranks now :carling:
  2. Damn man that sucks I barely play mw3 though I don't like it very much lol
  3. Yo, I'm working in Dubai now and the internet is crap! I can't join a single EU/US game and if I join a party, will never let them connect to a lobby lol.
  4. tariksadek :happycry:
  5. I miss the days man! But I've started working full time and barely have time to play, my small brother is mainly on my account nowadays!
  6. I miss you Tarik
  7. Noooooooooooooooooooooo! :FU: move to the united states lol
  8. Yo bro, I've moved to a different country and I'm now GMT+3, so when you guys come on its about 4 in the morning for me. I dont think I'll be on as much as before
  9. Where you been man
  10. I do miss you :fa:
  11. I know you miss me! Just come out and say it lol! Ill be on tonight to woops some ass!
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