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    it's because i've just never got around to changing my pic lol
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    I'm just sort of back
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    huh left ngu xD
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    Lol I haven't been on here in so long
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    Soon. I stopped caring because the owner of psnprofiles threatened to delete me from the site even though he had no proof of me cheating.
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    That's not true there is a method when I upload the video just watch it then you will see...simply copying someone's exact timestamps will get you flagged on those sites. Instead when copying someone's timestamps just use them a reference only thing that should be the same is the order of trophies. The date, hour, min, sec, and the time between trophies needs to be different to be undetected. Also most hackers hack online trophies which you really shouldn't do because people can easily check online stats for a game under your profile and see you never touched the online so you will get flagged. Highly recommend only hacking trophies that can be obtained offline. Try to only do games that can be completed offline and start with all the quick and easy games first that can be platinumed in 1 day. Also I'll explain when to sync trophies each day too. This and more will be explained more in detail in the video
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    Lol Yeah, stop caring about leaderboards because I proved its possible to look 100% legit with carefully editing timestamps. I even had a few moderators scan my profile and they couldn't prove I was cheating. I will be posting a video of my method to PSNProfiles and PSNTrophyLeaders soon and there's nothing anyone can do to detect it. A lot of people will be pissed off but oh well. I've decided to put all of my efforts into the "dark side" gathering every trophy folder for all to use and I will be creating more saves for trophies.
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    I'd need to sign into your acc to do that man. add me on skype and i'll do it
  9. Well, this may sound a little cliché but I think that honesty and trust are the most fundamental basics to build a strong relationship that will last.
    I’m no expert in any way but it felt right straight away and getting married was my best decision ever.
    If it feels right don’t hesitate and pursue your happiness, good luck to you my friend. I hope you and your partner will succeed
  10. We decided to call her Julie, early in my pregnancy we already knew that she was going to be born in the first or second week of July (if everything went well that is) and we knew it was a girl.
    We didn’t want to name her after some long gone grandma, aunt etc. and so we came up with Julie.
    In my language July is Juli and the name Julie is written and pronounced the same in English as in mine.
    See the link?…child of summer
  11. Way less painful or stressful than I imagined it would be.
    Of course my mom was a big help during my pregnancy, she also gave me very useful tips on relaxation techniques. Plus it’s a baby girl of course, that helps
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    So you like asking dumb questions huh
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FPS master
gaming , martial arts, trophy hunting in games
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be humble. Be wise. Life is short so be prepared.
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