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    Ew Nerd
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    grats on Content manager (or super idk xD)
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    Congrats on Super Mod man
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    Gratz on super mod
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    here because you did ask for it

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    when is it time for another profile song ? its getting old
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    hi!! i wanna open a spanish thread on here like a support on spanish language or something, its ok?
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    Congrats on Mod by the way bro ^^
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    Congratulations on full Moderator you deserve it
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    Gratz with your promotion to Moderator !
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    Testing not allowed
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About EvolveRebxg
Depressed, Soon-To-Be-Insane, Working Brain. Don't think a lot guys. Thoughts can destroy you. But hey that's just a theory A Life Theory :sal:
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Welcome to a new stage of History.
Football, PS3 Modding, Phone Rooting etc
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Hello stalker or friendly guy. I am EvolveRebxg or Calculus (Bad name choices right there)
I am a Content Manager (Super Moderator) here on NGU.
And also a Chat Moderator on []LTS[/URL]
I am watching over the site moderating or helping users with questions they have. If you have any questions yourself just send me a PM.
I am also selling Recoveries and mods just for the heck of it so if you want to get your account modded check out my threads linked below and message me.
Don't waste my time though, I honestly don't like it at all

Social Media links
Discord : EvolveRebxg#4550 (preferable)
Skype : EvolveRebxg
Twitter: [URL=""]EvolveRebxg[/URL]
Rocketr Store: [URL=]Rocketr Store[/URL]

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[URL=]NGU Staff[/URL]|[URL=]Upgrade to Elite[/URL]|[URL=]Forum Rules[/URL]|[URL=]Contact Me[/URL]|[URL=]NGU User Guide[/URL]

Service Threads:
[URL=]W@W[/URL]|[URL=]COD 4[/URL]|[URL=]MW2[/URL]|[URL=]MW3[/URL]|[URL=]BO1[/URL]|[URL=]BO2[/URL]|[URL=]BO3[/URL]|[URL=]BO3 Dupe[/URL]|[URL=]Ghosts[/URL]|[URL=]AW[/URL]|[URL=]GTA V[/URL][/center]
Currently A Student
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Search Engine (Google, yahoo, etc)
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Red Sparkle
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LTS Staff
Former NGU Content Manager (Super Mod)

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NGU Staff|Upgrade to Elite|Forum Rules|Contact Me|NGU User Guide


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