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  1. If you want, you dont need to edit.
  2. I didn't get a chance to look. Been studying and took my gf's lil sisters and bro to see harry potter. I'll take a look right after I eat.
  3. Do the files work?
  4. I do, send um like that.
  5. Have you got winrar so I could put em all up in 1 file?
  6. Upload them to somewhere like and send me the links.
  7. Yeh that would be fine.

    Shall i send clips?
  8. Can I see one your minitages?
  9. I won't edit that because it's not HD - If the quality isn't HD most of the effects won't work properly therefore its a waste of time. Now if you want it simple like one of my minitages then I'll do it. Just saying I won't do any hardcore editing if it's not HD.
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