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  1. yeah, you got lucky to catch me haha, but no problem.
  2. Ok thanks for getting back to me so quickly :y:
  3. Wish I could but I can't, I'm still in Hell Week and when I come home I crash. Haven't been on PS3 for about 2 weeks now. sorry.
  4. hey man do u think u could get my account like 300k cod points this weekend please?
  5. Yeah no problem, and alright.
  6. ok thanks for letting me know and if u r ever free and want to do it my offer will always stand
  7. Sorry Syn, I just don't have the time anymore, otherwise I would.
  8. hey chris i would like to buy 600k cod points for 3 million vbux. sound good?
  9. Ahhhhhh nevermind, shit.
  10. lol no it was 300k
  11. how high u go, ur suppose to go to 350k
  12. just finished!
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