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  1. F33L daH PayNe
  2. congratulations ^^
  3. Coupe AKA poop hahahahah
  4. Can't wait to try it..
  5. cavring is amazing r, it would be nice if I could weigh a little bit more, gotta keep hitting the gym for steady gains and maybe Ill get more flex haha
  6. ya I saw that shit get run over by a jeep on their channel
    I was pretty much sold
  7. OMFG, well done my friend..
    I have the exact same setup but with yellow otangs at the moment.
    but only the 37 :fa: ordering the 40 soon ;D
    Tell me how you like it.. Like the flex and shit.
  8. got otang purple wheels
    the new apex 40 deck
    8 pack of bones swiss beairngs
    and Im gonna put my S10s on the deck after I clean it out and stuff
    did I do good ?
  9. lol dat shit damn son
  10. GamingStatic - Powered by vBulletin

    et it load, memories :love:
  11. I love the song
  12. <3, see you around.
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