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  1. Hey bud, I got your messages when I signed in, I was offline as you sent them. I can help out BF3 just give us a nudge when you on later bud. I should be playing BF3 today aswell.
  2. I will need the details to do bullseye & Air Warfare ribbon tomorrow for 4pm (ish)
  3. Wingman trophy is complete, but my friend I was gunna do co-op with has gone offline. I'll do instantly as soon as he on.
  4. I'm gunna watch a film and rest up with my girl this evening. But I will need your PSN details so I can do the BFBC2 and bullseye trophy. I'll do BFBC2 in morning and bullseye in the evening. I got a meal for my fathers birthday around 5ish, so I'll have to do it then.
  5. Hey Bud, I'll be finishing last of the deals this week tomorrow. So I'll be free probably from 6pm GMT 0 to do the huey kills and I told my mate and he is free tomorrow evening to do bullseye with me. I'm off for some shut eye now, but I'll catch up with you tomorrow for your details etc.
  6. friday is fine
  7. Thanks Bud, Had get it sorted. I see the qoute in the trusted lists. Thanks for your recommendation, also the nominate of my platinum shop etc. Alot of thank yous from your help and support . Get my response to you from my shop also about bullseye and hueys?
  8. congratz on premium
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