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    Don't be upset bro. Some people just aren't able to handle more sections :p
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    Merry Christmas, Vince! Have a great one
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    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family Vince
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    Merry Christmas, Vince. :wub:
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    What's up Vince
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    Okay aha! cheers, I was confused for a second but yeah wont do it again ><
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    Okay, just didn't get a notification on why; wanted to know so I don't do it again
    Anyways I did research on what Warez is and it says that Warez is a term used for pirated software
    and all that and my method doesn't at all include Warez, its simply deceiving the manufacture (Activision & Treyarch)
    into giving you a legitimate original code that they produced.

    Well that's to my understanding of Warez, please correct me if I'm wrong :3
    I don't mean to come of rude if I am just wanna fully understand that's all bro
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    Hey, not sure why my thread got deleted could you tell me why because I didnt even get a msg saying its gonna be deleted...
    The thread was called "[TUTORIAL] How to get Nuketown DLC FREE"
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    get off my profile
  11. Awe you deleted my vms
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    Yo just wanted to say ur the shit on this site always have blistering posts
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