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Thread: How to Change Your Skin Manually

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    03-16-2011 01:03 PM #1 How to Change Your Skin Manually

    This is written by me for you, if for instance the skin changing system on isn't working It is also useful if you have pirated Minecraft However, doing this is changing the default skin on the game, so if you go online everyone who hasn't changed their skin will have this But still, a way to have a custom skin even in pirated

    You need: An archiver (Winrar, 7zip etc)

    Ok so first off find your skin For this I personally go to TheSkindex,

    I am going to choose this skin, Purple Penguin

    You want to choose this button, for download:

    If for whatever reason you can't see the snapr, it is the down arrow onto the grey rectangle

    That should start off your download which should take seconds. When it is done save it somewhere memorable, I chose my desktop.

    Then hit the Windows Button and R, or go into the start menu and select 'run'. Into there, type '%appdata' without the appostraphe's, and click ok

    The case doesn't matter

    In the folder which opens, select '.minecraft', and then the 'bin' folder.

    Once in there, right click the 'minecraft.jar' (it might just be called 'minecraft', and be classed as an Executable Jar File) folder and click 'open with...' and choose the archiver you're using, which for me is Winrar.

    Once you have opened that, scroll down the page until you find 'char.png'.

    This is your skin. Now reselect the skin you downloaded and copy it (CTRL + C). Go back into the archiver and paste (CTRL + V). If you use Winrar, a box will pop up. Just click ok

    Now you're done! Simply load up Minecraft and your skin should be changed I can't show you that because I don't have Minecraft on this netbook

    Hope it worked for you!


    Q: I can't find the char.png in the archiver?

    A: Sometimes the char.png is actually in the subfolder 'mob', if it's not in the main folder is should be in there.

    Q: When I paste in the skin, it comes up with errors?

    A: Make sure Minecraft is fully closed. If it persists, go into Task Manager and look for 'javaw.exe' or something similar, and end the program. Retry pasting in the skin, and it should work
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    03-16-2011 01:04 PM #2

    Good Work man, Thanks so much, Helped me out alot. :y: .

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    03-16-2011 02:14 PM #3

    Don't play minecraft but it looks like you put a lot of work into that thread Keep it up!

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    Good tutorial! Keep up the good work :y:

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    03-16-2011 02:47 PM #5

    Posted before.

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    Reopened as this is a different tutorial.

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    looks really nice. thx!

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    I'm pretty sure the skins don't show up online.

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    I am not sure to be honest, I don't go online too much. I don't see why it wouldn't though

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Truth [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    I'm pretty sure the skins don't show up online.
    I checked, they do for me

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