Here is something no one ever thought they would hear about again!

Atari has revealed new details and images of its first console in over 20 years, the Ataribox. The company has said it wants to bring both "current" and "classic" gaming content to the new device, which will contain "modern internal specs." In an industry mainly dominated by Microsoft and Sony (Hey hey, don't forget the awesome E3 Nintendo just had. I mean come on, a bunch of new games including the first ever open world Pokemon game coming to the switch!), Atari said in a newsletter to fans (via Kotaku AU) that its "objective is to create a new product that stays true to our heritage while appealing to both old and new fans of Atari."

As such, it intends to launch two editions of its new console: a red/black version and a wood version.
There is no current release date nor pricing info, as the console was only revealed being worked on in June. As development continues, more information will be released per a company news letter.
So for those of you looking for something new, or those old gamers looking to relive their nostalgic memories, why not try out the new and improved Atari! Will you being picking one up? What color scheme are you looking towards?