This is not my work credit goes to cablepama on the forums.xda-developers website. I had been having problems with my tablet and looking for the stock rom, custom rom, or update to reinstall on my tablet and i finally found one so for all of the people having software problems with theirs just install this rom as i have done. Link for the website i copied this from is at the bottom.

Zeki TB782B 4.0.4 ROM
It is Zeki TB782B 4.0.4 ROM (non wipe ROM and keep all your setting after flash) and the flash steps is same as the Google market link as below
You need a micro SD card insert to the Tablet TF Card Slot

If you download the file from PC

1. Download 4.0.4 ROM file from below link and extract it to get the file.
2. Connect the Tablet with the USB wire to the PC USB prot
3. Go to Tablet USB mass Storage Screen and tap on the (Trun on USB Storage)
4. Goto your PC My Computer you will find two new disk, one is Zeki disc
5. copy the to the root the new disk of the micro SD in the tablet (Don't copy to the Zeki
6. Goto Set UP
7. Goto About Tablet>SystemUpdate>Check Now>OK
8. The tablet reboot and go to the recovery screen
9. The recovery finish and power on again
10.. You will get the 4.0.4 TB782. Enjoy it.

Download file then:

1 When the file finished download open the Es explorer
2. Tap SDcard download folder and you will find the FID BN TB782B 4.0.4 rar file
3.Extract the file and you will find the folder and a file inside.
4. Long Tap the file and a list jump up
5. Tap on the copy to and another list will jump out
6. Tap on the uppest row name /sdcard and with jump to another page
7. Tap on the /mint/extsd and tap to lowest row OK then the file will copy to the micro SD card
8. Follow PC download steps from 6 to 10

You will get the 4.0.4 TB782B.

But there is a chance to brick your tablet and don't blame me
If you want to get the google market( and the G-sensor Tweak just download the attached files.

Warning: All the file and rom in this post is only good for the version mark FIBN on the back cover beside the Made in China, Otherwise it will brick your tablet

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To let everyone know the links for the files weren't working correctly so i just took them out but if you click the link to the website at the bottom of the post that page has the links for the downloads on it