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Thread: [RELEASE] Red-EyeX32 - MW3 MPDATA Editor

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    03-24-2013 08:10 PM #1 [RELEASE] Red-EyeX32 - MW3 MPDATA Editor

    Well hello guys it's me again ... I'm here to bring you my latest modding tool I have been working on lately which gave me a headache, but anyways I hope you guys enjoy the tool as much as I enjoyed making it "kind of" :P

    This MPDATA Editor will let you customize your stats and classes to your liking and will even unlock every challenge, accolades, and weapon challenges.

    Well here are some picture on how the tool will look like:

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    How To Use:
    - Well first you will have to make or copy a save from splitscreen.
    - Start up my editor and find the save data folder.
    - Edit the save however you please.
    - Save all changes made.
    - Copy back to PS3 and you should be good to go.

    - If you cant save your gamesave, then make sure you have all the files that came with the tool in the .RAR file.

    If you have any problems or bugs, please send me a PM ("Private Message")
    Thanks for downloading and please don't abuse a good and enjoyable game.

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    - Jakes625
    - xSonoro
    - primetime43
    - Hetelek
    - Experiment5X
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    07-01-2013 09:48 PM #321

    The More u guys keep posting on here saying "HOW DO U DO IT, PLZ HELP" your never gona get an answer. Just let this post die out & eventually, someone will post how to do it Thts my idea...

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    Quote Originally Posted by xSoulEdge View Post
    Yes, it does work online and involves simple MW2 back in the days of 1.11 steps, it's simple guys.
    Does it involve going into LAN Party at all?

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    07-10-2013 03:10 PM #323

    can any one tell me how to hack leaderboards

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    07-12-2013 05:08 AM #324

    does this still work?

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    07-12-2013 01:46 PM #325

    everyone heres one of the old ways how mw2 did it
    The Original Prestige Hack Tutorial

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    07-12-2013 01:58 PM #326

    also heres the other way to do it have fun guys
    Creating A ERROR File For Your Bles Code Simple And Easy Mw3

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    Speedy ill resign your save i have an idea too
    Quote Originally Posted by xgo-fuk-urself View Post
    the more u guys keep posting on here saying "how do u do it, plz help" your never gona get an answer. Just let this post die out & eventually, someone will post how to do it thts my idea...:d

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    07-19-2013 07:38 AM #328

    I've Might Of Found How To Get Split Screen Offline To Online

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    07-23-2013 01:36 PM #329

    I remember when MW3 was first released I searched everywhere for one of these, finally I see it even though it's been a few months since it was released! Good job Red-Eye. Keep up the good work!

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    07-24-2013 10:33 PM #330

    thank you for your sharing! please advise, if i can use it in 4.46 OFW (no need to jailbreak). Also, can you elaborate more details in how to copy the save from splitscreen...thanks for your help in advance!

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