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Thread: [RELEASE] How to use ClientState (All Clients Mods)

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    02-19-2013 01:14 PM #1 [RELEASE] How to use ClientState (All Clients Mods)

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    Today i decide to make this thread for explain some things with the ClientState.

    First , i know some guys have found this also , but their information are not correct.

    I'll Give you some exemple about this , and these informations it's the same for all cod's.

    -> Modern Warfare 3 ClientState : 0x0110A280

    Are you sure about this offset ?:

    - Yea , Look this :

    So , at this offset , you can get / set some informations for all clients in game, When you leave your party , all bytes are Refreshed/Reset.

    This function work also with the g_client , his size for Mw3 is 0x3980 :

    You can also easily found it in debugger , exemple you need just to do math. Find your name in game for change it , and find the name of your friend also. Once you have this , done this math (example) :

    Name in game Client 0 : 0x0110D694
    Name in game Client 1 : 0x1111014

    So :

    0x1111014 - 0x0110D694 = 0x3980

    You have now understand how to do , i'll give an exemple with C# language for give easily your bytes for clients :

     private void GiveRedboxes(uint clientIndex, byte[] MyValue)        
        iMCSxLib.PS3.SetMem(0x0110A280 + (clientIndex * 0x3980) + 0x13, MyValue); // It's My Custom Function
    Other Good Example :

            private uint MW3ClientState(uint clientIndex)
                return (0x0110A280 + (clientIndex * 0x3980));
            private void GiveRedboxes(uint clientIndex, byte[] MyValue)        
               iMCSxLib.PS3.SetMem(MW3ClientState(clientIndex) + 0x13, MyValue); // It's My Custom Function also
    0x0110A280 is the ClientState.
    0x3980 is the Client Size.
    0x13 is the RedBoxes location starting from the ClientState.

    byte[] RedBoxes = new byte[] { 0x10 }; // Byte for Set RedBoxes
    GiveRedboxes(0, RedBoxes); // RedBoxes for client 0 (Host)
    GiveRedboxes(0x11, RedBoxes); // RedBoxes for client 17 (Example)
    You can now send easily mods to your friend , you need just to do maths , don't forget for the client 16 it's 0x10 & the client 17 it's 0x11.

    With the ClientState you could change weapons , change the state for mFlags , Names Clients...

    I Saw also someone who has leak the God Mode. The God Mode is just the health of players in game , but it's not with ClientState, He is in the g_entity.

    -> Modern Warfare 3 g_entity : 0x00FCA280

    - It's like the ClientState but he is different , he do others things and his size for client is different.
    - You can check in the XREF from the clientState his location :

    The Size for give something to a client is 0x280

    You have just to change my example C# with the right offset for this and it's the same thing

    Faster exemple : 0x00FCA280 + (ClientIndex * 0x280) + 0x19f

    0x19f is the location to the health to players. Original bytes is 0x64 (0x64 in Decimal it's 100)

    You can also put 0xFF ahead , so put this offset 0x19e.

    I'll not explain everything about these functions , it's now to you to find others things yourself. It's not necessary to release once you have found other things keep this for you and like that everyone will found themselves.

    I hope these information will help you with the modding, if i may have said one or two errors in this thread , tell me i'll edit it.

    Thanks to Aerosoul94 for the rectification about playerState.

    Have fun.
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    Nice work

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    Very nice work bro !!

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    Nice , very nice =)

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    very nice

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    Good job, this post will help many people !

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    thanks bud

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    Nice release but I don't understand much of it :P

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    Very nice tutorial. Should help some people find some cool things

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    Awesome tutorial ! (=
    You never dissapoint!

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