so ive been working on an mw3 mod menu, im having some trouble with these two things
1. spawning more than 1 elem
ive tried every thing i could to spawn more than 1 elem
2.buttons moditoring
this is very wierd because i hve all of the code for the buttons moditoring then when i try using it in a command like:

private void start()
uint client0 = DetectButton(0);
if (client0 == Buttons.R1)
uint hud_men1 = HudElem_Alloc(); setText(hud_men1, uintBytes(createText("^3example ")), 6, 20, 170, 45, 1, 255, 0, 0, 255); spawnElem(0, hud_men1);

any ways if you could help me in any way il put you in the credit's