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Thread: [Xbox] How To Make Your Own Cod 4 R2R menu

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    02-24-2013 01:41 AM #1 [Xbox] How To Make Your Own Cod 4 R2R menu

    First of all you're going to need to download a Clean Patch or Teh1337's example patch.

    Teh1337's example patch: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    You're going to go to COD4

    Now your gonna go to were it says "ADD NEW MENU" and type in the box below it "MAIN MENU"

    Now your gonna add all your menu's such as Visions Menu, Messages Menu, Infections Menu, Before your done adding your menus make sure you added a R2R MENU etc..

    Now start doing your Menu's, Open your menu off choice, and in the box were it says "Option" Type what youu want the mod to say in your Menu. Then go to the box were it says "Function" type the codes that it takes to do the mod you picked.
    Option:Toggle Lasersight |Function: toggle laserForceOn 1 0;
    After your Menu's are completed, open the R2R Menu and for the first Option type something like "Give Instructions" Then for the Function type
    scr_do_notify ^6Please walk forward now;
    For the other option type "Start Infection!, for the function type
    vstr startit
    Make another Option that says "Give Handler", and the function is
    setfromdvar ui_mapname maplol;setfromdvar ui_gametype gamelol

    You should be finished with all your menu's accept MAIN MENU. Open that, now add enough options for all the menu's you made including the main menu. For the options type the name of the menu EXACTLY THE WAY YOU NAMED THEM and do that to all the options. Now for the functions go over and click the arrow in the box next to function and choose the name of the menu that you made for the option.

    After your done with that Click "Generate Menu" and you should get a box that says GSC Script. Copy and paste everything in that box! Open the patch you downloaded earlier in .FF Viewer and go to where it says
    Delete everything in that and paste the GSC Script you copied from the menu you just made. Now just save the fastfile and you're done.
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    nice post man keep it up

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    u have scr_do_notify it is

    set scr_do_notify ^1Your Message

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