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Thread: Recent changes to vbBux

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    01-03-2012 03:39 PM #1 Recent changes to vbBux


    Recent vbBux Changes
    Where did my points go?

    vbBux has been becoming increasingly worthless on the site so I made some changes. Below you will find a list of the changes that have been made:
    - All points have been reduced by an equal factor. (You have the same proportion, none lost).
    - Maximum vBookie bet decreased to 10000 points.
    - vBookie odds will now be like real odds, as you will find in a betting shop.
    - vBPlaza prices have been altered (decreased but not by the same factor).
    - vBPlaza tax is now at 17.5%.
    - vBPlaza Bank interest is now 5% a year, you get interest payouts weekly.
    - You will earn less vBux per post and for other actions, premiums still get more than non-premiums.

    These changes should increase the value of vbBux on the site, any suggestions are welcome!

    For stores and sales in auctions, divide all current prices by 10.667.

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    Reset, start everyone fresh, makes more sense.
    Let the butthurt come

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    gjdm great thread

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    cool of U

    : - )

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    Will Maggs continue to fight off the attackers now that he is a pauper?

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    Increase vbplaza prices derp

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    change the vbstore prices... the name change now is equivilant to 2.4 million vbux yesterday -.-

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    Vbux are now actually worth shit, huray!

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    Damn these are drastic. But I'm not complaining.

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