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Thread: iPhone 4 Pictures

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    04-29-2010 05:43 PM #1 iPhone 4 Pictures

    I know these are just from gizmodo but w/e pictures are pictures

    The story of how these were obtained is funny really. Basically an Apple employee left the phone at a bar by accident and somebody took it. It had been disguised as a 3G, the guy then took it apart to find out that it was a legit new apple product!

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    04-29-2010 07:00 PM #2

    lol on the back

    XXGB i wonder how many GB it will actually end up being
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    04-29-2010 08:13 PM #3

    Ha I read the story on how he got it. I personally like the look of the 3g better, but does the 4g have anything new compared to the 3g?
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    04-29-2010 08:16 PM #4

    That's pretty cool I bet the Apple employee's don't get to keep stuff early like this iPhone anymore

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    04-29-2010 08:56 PM #5

    this is coolio

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    04-30-2010 01:11 AM #6

    Nothing new, well at least to me. But im definitely getting the phone, im even gonna wait in line. I waited 12 hours for the first ever iphone that got released.


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    04-30-2010 02:05 AM #7

    The full story is right here if anyone wants to look at the article.

    The Story:
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    04-30-2010 08:12 AM #8

    Wow, can wait till it comes out! I'm definitely getting one

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    04-30-2010 09:06 AM #9

    great...made in china still...FAIL =P although i'd buy it
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    04-30-2010 10:52 AM #10

    very cool! already knew about but thanks for the pics

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