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Thread: Sony announces PlayMemories, a cloud-based photo sharing service

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    04-21-2012 05:26 PM #1 Sony announces PlayMemories, a cloud-based photo sharing service

    Sony has today announced their new photo-sharing service PlayMemories with a release date tagged for May 2012.

    The aptly-named PlayMemories is Sony's latest embarkment into the world of online storage and media sharing, aimed at families across the globe who'd like to share their "memories" with the world via their games consoles.

    The service works as follows: a user takes a picture using their Sony-branded camera or smartphone, and syncs it up to PlayMemories. The image is then instantly available across all Sony-branded devices including HDTVs and photo-frames, and of course the PS3, Vita and even the aged PSP.

    Sony is offering a whopping 5GB of free storage to users, and will more than likely give users the option to buy more storage space, however with 5GB of storage, I doubt many people would have to.

    Sony is also releasing a custom photo editing application to go alongside the service. It will allow PS3, Vita and PSP users to edit pictures and sync them straight back up to the cloud. Along with this, there will also be applications for Android-based devices and Windows and Mac computers, however there is no mention of an iOS app yet.

    Sony is said to be releasing the service to the public on 25th May 2012 in the United States, the UK, Japan, Canada, Germany and France.

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    04-21-2012 05:28 PM #2

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    Cheesy video much? :lol:

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    I don't see this becoming big

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    Who would use this?

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