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Thread: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3: Get Difficult Trophies

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    04-29-2012 02:51 PM #1 Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3: Get Difficult Trophies

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    Got this save from my friend and thought I should share it as it is quite good and I couldn't find any other DWG3 save in the Forums.

    This is a Platinum save, so you will get the following difficult trophies without having to grind or play the really hard missions. Online trophies will not unlock, and you must use a fresh save to get these trophies. The History missions must be completed on your own as well. There is no password.

    >>[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]<<

    Due to large instances of people being banned, the PARAM.SFO file has been removed. Use your own!

    Trophies that will unlock (go to the gallery or complete 1 mission for these):

    Leader of Humanity: Completely finish either of the story missions 'Those Who Understand' or 'Those Who Fight.'
    Reformer of Humanity: Clear all story missions.
    True Dynasty Warrior Gundam: Clear all missions.
    Sound Collector: Complete the sound gallery.
    Character Collector: Complete the character gallery.
    Purebred Innovator: Friendship level of all characters reaches level 5.
    Legendary Master Ace: Shoot down 100,000 enemies.
    Order of the Nebula: Exceed 200 plays.
    Movie Collector: Complete the movie gallery.
    Bounty Hunter: Obtain more than 10,000 G.
    Mobile Suit Collector: Complete the Mobile Suit gallery.

    If this save works for you, please click the Thanks button!
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  3. crischevelle572 Bounty hunter

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    04-29-2012 10:20 PM #2

    Thank you for this save
    (sorry but i can't press thanks button yet)

  4. DarkHikaru I am error

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    04-29-2012 11:20 PM #3

    will test later i have the jap ver of the game , thank u anyways REP+++

  5. jameshird85 NextGenUpdate Elite

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    04-30-2012 01:47 AM #4

    This reduces the platinum time from 80+ hours to like 10 i would say :0 thanks mate amazing save

  6. Stephen. Vault dweller

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    05-04-2012 06:19 PM #5


    The trophies "Online Play 100" and "Fierce Avenger" also popped when I went into a Multiplayer game!!

    The trophy "Purebred Innovator" has not yet popped though.

    Thanks alot! Really appreciate it!

  7. darknight007 Pokemon Trainer

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    05-05-2012 01:52 PM #6

    thank you for save

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