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Thread: cool PSN names

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    08-28-2009 09:30 PM #1 cool PSN names

    Ok, I want to know what are some cool PSN names since I'm making a new account and I want a PSN name that is really cool. +rep if you give me a really cool one ex (xEniiGmA-- , T_A_L_lE_lN_t , xX_ThE_ReCoN_Xx) but those are taken but give names like those but different ways with caps and lower case just make it a cool name with x's or hyphens or underscores.

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    lolo im not very creative !!

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    p a n d a r o m a

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    Make it your own, thats what makes it unique. mines happy feet as people used to call me that fresh/soph year in high school because I had a sirius leg and foot injury from football and I pretty much always limped and it sorta looked like I walked like a penguin, so I made it happy_feet78.(78 was my jersey # as well)

    Think of your own, you'll probly like it better.
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    thats what i use

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    Um Ill Come Up With Some More ..

    I Made A New One For Cod6 x_iKrAzY-Oo

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    make ur username: enter_name_here

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    My new username is K3NY0N and then i have the clan tag [LIAM]K3NY0N so it says my name

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