THREAD: All you need to know about the recent IP-Bans! 80710016 & WS-37397-9
  1. 01-09-2017, 01:08 AM
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    Hi NGU!

    You may noticed, that alot of People getting IP banned recently on PSN. It happend to me too from 3 Days ago, Now I'm unbanned again, so it seems to be, that Sony has some Problems with their Security System.

    NOTICE: It is NOT, and I repeat, NOT because of Modding or any other malicious Content! As of a good friend has been banned, and she doesn't even own a Jailbroken device and hasn't got any Unlock Alls etc.

    Just wait 2-3 Days to get unbanned, if you dont get unbanned, call Sony! If Sony dont help you, restart your router or call your ISP to change your external IP (if you have a static one)

    Please dont make any new Threads about this Problem, as of it should be now clear.

    Wish a nice Day... ~ 01cedricv2
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