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THREAD: PS4Link/PS4sh Updated For macOS Sierra + MrNiato's Testkit DUH-T100AA DEX Non-Retail
  1. 11-20-2016, 06:36 PM
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    Hello NextGenUpdate, previously we have seen PS4 Developer psxdev(bigboss) release code from his new features on the PS4link/PS4sh of the Proc and Vmap List which you can find HERE. Today, he has now released the fully updated PS4Link for macOS Sierra. I will add the tutorial, and the background information on this topic for you all.

    GitHub's PS4Link: PS4Link Updated GitHub:

    To roughly quote psxdev:

    What Is PS4Link?

    PS4Link is a group of tools (libps4link,libdebugnet,ps4sh) for PS4 and host. It is the same method that we used in ps2dev days, so basically it is the same protocol than ps2link and ps2client have been using since 2003.

    Functions availables are defined like native sce functions so it is easy for homebrew developer to use these new functions.

    Last Changes:

    • ps4sdk compliant
    • Added listproc sample
    • Added execdecrypt command
    • Added execuser and execkernel commands
    • Added new commands to PS4sh
    • Added custom elfldr and fixed readme information
    • Added commands execwhoami and execshowdir
    • Added ftp server in sample ps4ftp. You can use execelf ps4ftp.elf
    • Added dlclose poc in sample payload. You can use execelf payload.elf
    • Fixed elf loader problem with large files
    • Added elf loader support from host0
    • Added parameter passing to new elf to sharing fio and log facilities from ps4link
    • Added fine logs to ps4sh
    • Fix exitps4 bug

    Following from this topic, today PS4 Developer Mr. Niato has now re-showcased his PS4 Testkit DUH-T100AA DEX Console (Running on 3.508.041 Non Retail Firmware) from October 15th. This shows us all the developer settings, and implemented ones you probably haven't seen at all for your own eyes! Here is the video he had conveyed to us once again:

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