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THREAD: PS4 Hacking/Modding FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  1. 12-08-2016, 02:47 AM
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    So today I bring you an informative thread shining light upon questions' individuals have been asking around the forums lately. This includes anything related with: Pirating, Modding, Jailbreaks, Custom Firmwares, Downgrades, etc..

    This will break down most of the questions we see in our everyday lives that most people ask. We'll try to get through them all, if not, just hit us up with a Private Message (PM), and i'll attempt to respond back with an answer to your question as fast as possible.

    I will be updating this with more questions including the answers so this thread doesn't go dead; so until we get a new section pertaining to PS4 Mods Questions and Support. This would be in this section for a while. We have a long way to go before anything comes up that sparks the scene, but lets get straight into this!

    Table of Contents

    • Introduction

      x1 Shining light upon the beginning, and what this thread is going to be about.

    • Pirating Questions

      x2 Questions related with pirating, and what has been released/said towards this topic.

    • Real Time Modding

      x3 Questions related with RTM, and what has been released/said towards this topic.

    • Trophy Modding

      x4 Questions related with Trophy Modding, and what has been released/said towards this topic.

    • Downgrade Questions

      x5 Questions related with Downgrading, and what has been said towards this topic.

    • Jailbreak Questions

      x6 Questions related with a jailbreak.

    • Custom Firmware Questions

      x7 Questions concerning about CFWs, and what has been said towards this topic.

    • Firmware Questions

      x8 Questions concerning about Firmwares.

    • Code/Vocab Questions

      x9 Questions concerning what are some of the words in the PS4 Scene mean, and what do some codes really mean.

    Pirating Questions

    Question: Is there any way to pirate games yet on Playstation 4?

    • Zecoxao: There is a way, and it works for non-retail consoles (mostly because they can launch elfs in a working environment with Target Manager), but the consoles need to be activated, and i'm not the person to talk about that.

    Question: When do you think we will be able to pirate games for the PS4 Console?

    • Zecoxao: Probably when someone makes an environment similar to henkaku for it, with the ability to load "packages" (which in the case of henkaku are just zips renamed as vpk) and with fselfs that can be loaded with certain flags, that allow the user to customize the app.

    Question: Pros and Cons of making Pirating available to us for the PS4?


    • Pros: You get free games, DLCs, and literally anything for free by downloading it. You also get to enjoy more games without spending a single penny on anything.
    • Cons: If pirating ever becomes a thing on PS4, games' prices will actually get higher then usual. So goodbye to those 60$ games if this ever becomes a thing.

    Zecoxao: Everyone should know what are the Cons, you risk getting yourself a lawsuit over making the method available to everyone.
    As for Pros, well, you make the method available for everyone lol.

    Specter: You guys realize that if piracy becomes a big thing the price of games will increase right?

    Real Time Modding Questions

    Question: Will doing some things like making SPRXs, making RTM tools, or modifying memory be impossible on the PS4 since the sdk didn't get leaked like on PS3?

    • 2much4u: All of those things have already been done. SPRX would require the sdk, but payloads get the job done too.
    • SC58: Even if the SDK was public u would still have to use a payload to load it for the time being. But that wouldn't really matter. If you really wanted you could load the payload into the game process or any process running on the system.

    Question: Can we mod games on PS4 already?

    • Hydrogen: Yes, you can already mod on Playstation 4 running on a 1.76 Firmware. Grand Theft Auto 5 is the only game we have seen that has been modded at the moment. RTM Tools and Mod Menus are possible by running native code; of course with the help of CTurt's PS4SDK, Linux, and more stuff. This doesn't conclude everyone can mod if they have this firmware PS4. Only a hand full of people that know how to code, and run the PS4 Developer Tools. They could actually be able to mod on the Next Gen Consoles.

    Question: I heard people can mod already, i'm scared of them ruining online. Is there any way they will mod online soon?

    • Hydrogen: For the moment, no, you wont see people actually modding online any time soon. Reason why it wont happen for a while. One, Spoofing is considered to be in the PS4 Processor named SAMU. SAMU is a processor part of the Playstation 4's Encryption which has a high level security in it. If we decrypt the SAMU, well that's when it would be useful on trying to figure out on a spoof method to mod online. This might take a while to figure out.

    Zecoxao: Unless someone handles SAMU, there won't be any online (spoofing, passphrase keys, index.dat spoofing, etc), since everything is there, and won't get out.

    Question: What games are possible to mod currently?

    • Hydrogen: At the very moment, we could only mod Grand Theft Auto 5. That doesn't stop it from meaning we can't mod other games. If modding can be done on one game, it can be done on any other game.

    Question: How do people mod their PS4 XMB/Menu?

    • Hydrogen: They used the same method from the Vita Trophylist XMB Hack. It has an unencrypted SQL towards the app.db; their are more ways to do this as well.

    Trophy Modding Questions

    Question: Is there any way to mod trophies yet on Playstation 4?


    • Yes it is possible. Kurt & Bad ChoicesZ have confirmed to us that it is possible. They had ran a small API Tool unlocking the first 5 trophies on Advanced Warfare. If you'd like to check it out, click this link: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Zecoxao: Well, you have the keys available on wiki to decrypt and re-encrypt the trophies. So... go make some tools :P

    Question: When do you think we will be able to mod trophies for the PS4 Console?

    • Hydrogen: Well you can already mod trophies in a way. Just like Zecoxao stated above, the keys are available on the PS4DevWiki. Go make the tools if you really want it!

    Question: Are we able to sync the trophies once we mod it?

    • Hydrogen: To be honest in my own opinion. If we'd want to sync, we'd probably have to wait to spoof online. Which you know... is inside of SAMU lol..

    Downgrading Questions

    Question: Is there any way to downgrade yet on Playstation 4?

    • Zecoxao: There is a way, which is with the official JigKick, but since nobody has access to the tools, it's unlikely it'll ever leak or show online. Also, Sony has added protection with private keys, so you need the official dongle, so no more cheap clones for you lol.

    Question: Will downgrading be the same as the Playstation 3?

    • Zecoxao: Maybe, depends on how different the JigKick is from Playstation 3 to 4.

    Question: Which consoles are downgradeable at the moment?

    • Hydrogen: All Non-Retail TestKits (Normal PS4 Console) are downgradeable. No PS4 PRO's at the moment are downgradeable.
    • SC58: If you have a PRO TestKit, and it comes on 3.70. You won't be able to downgrade lower then 3.70, it just like ps3 dech 2k,3k,4k etc..
      There is already different ps4 models of testkit released that people have that can't downgrade to some fw cause the model it is, but yes any testkit can downgrade or update.

    Jailbreak Questions

    Question: Is there any way to jailbreak yet on Playstation 4?

    • Zecoxao: Yeah lol, 1.76 with dlclose and BadIRET. It's not the same as CFW, but more like HEN, so...

    Question: When could we be able to jailbreak our own consoles?

    • Hydrogen: It depends, if someone releases a tutorial on it with the 1.76 BadIRET + dlclose. You could, but even if you got it to work, you probably wouldn't know what to do with it if you have no idea what you're doing.

    CFW Questions

    Question: Will there ever be Custom Firmwares on Playstation 4?

    • Zecoxao: In the aspect of something that is similar to TaiHEN, yes. In the coldboot aspect, no, not really (unless you consider standby booting as coldboot)

    Question: How hard is it to create a Custom Firmware?

    • Hydrogen: Pretty complex, it wouldn't take a day or week to create it. If someone puts their time and effort probably with a few other smart coders. Then it wouldn't take that long. Depends on what their creating it on.

    Question: How could Custom Firmwares make the PS4 Console Modification better?

    • Hydrogen: You could expand more modifications towards the PS4 Console of course.

    Firmware Questions

    Question: Is 1.76 good to start off?

    • Hydrogen: Well yeah of course, I mean you have modding available for games plus trophies. In addition, the "jailbreak" (quote-on-quote) is on that firmware as well. (This is only a gold firmware if you know what you're doing.)

    Question: I updated it passed 1.76, did I screw up?!

    • Hydrogen: No not really, if I was you, i'd stay below 4.01 FW. You never know if someone releases something nice for later firmwares. Those are firmwares where you could see better modifications. Just use Red's PSProxy to stay lower then 4.01, and you'll be fine.

    Question: Did Sony patch up the 4.01 Jailbreak Exploit?

    • Hydrogen: Yes they did. They patched it with the 4.06 System Update which pretty much patched all the security holes towards that exploit. In addition, they patched up more exploits with the 4.07 system update also.

    Question: Should I buy a PS4 PRO, and don't update it from 3.70?

    • Yes, I know 1.76 is a great firmware, but PS4 PRO is going to be getting worked on soon; probably already has lol. A few developers did tweet out saying to buy one, and don't update. So we should see more information coming from that very soon before January ends.

    Code/Vocabulary Questions

    Question: Is this new? //base = open ("/dev/null", O_RAWD)

    • Specter: This simply opens a directory with the read-write flag set, and returns to you a file descriptor for the directory. What it returns isn't just any integer, it's a file descriptor.

    Question: What is a Webkit?

    • Specter: WebKit is an open source browser rendering engine which handles common web page elements like DOM, JavaScript, and CSS. It's used on mobile devices such as the iPhone, Android, as well as the Wii U and the PS4.

    Question: Where do I find Saves?

    • Hydrogen: /user/home/[userID]/savedata/[titleID]/ - Saves have been decrypted already.

    Question: What is a Kernel?

    • Hydrogen: Think of a Kernel as a heart, it's the central component in a computer's operating system. This helps it by communicating with two different things at the same time. Communicates with the Application Software and the Hardware Level. (No we are not talking about popcorn you silly goose.)

    Question: What is an Exploit?

    • Hydrogen: An exploit is grabbing some data or commands to take advantage of a bug/vulnerability creating it to do something the opposite of what it is supposed to do (in a negative way).

    Question: What is the PS4's Operating System?

    • Specter: PlayStation 4 runs on a modified FreeBSD 9.0 kernel with the codename "Orbis"

    Question: What does AES stand for, and what is it used for?

    • Hydrogen: AES basically stands for Advanced Encryption Standard. The US Government uses this encryption; even PS4, PS3, and the Vita!

    Question: What is a GPU?

    • Hydrogen: This stands for Graphics Processing Unit, also known as Visual Processing Unit (VPU). This rapidly controls and changes memory to create images faster from a frame buffer useful for the output to a display.

    Question: What is a packageDigest?

    • Red-EyeX32: packageDigest is stored at offset 0xFE0 in the package file.


    Many thanks for those Zecoxao who had helped me out with this nice PS4 FAQ so we could release out for the community who have been struggling with questions to get answered. In addition, I added SC58, Red-EyeX32, and Specter since they shared some information on some of these questions before on NextGenUpdate so i'll add them in here as well. If you have any more questions, feel free to PM so I could add them here! Also, please no argueing towards this thread. If you feel like there is a debateable answer, feel free to speak out, we'd like to hear your opinion on some things.

    We hope you learned a bit off of this thread, and glad you're part of the scene with us. Lets hope to see 2017 the year to come for the Playstation 4 Console!

    (v1.04) Added in a new question in the Real Time Modding Section.
    (v1.03) Fixed the header a bit, changed the header image. Big update coming soon for the v2.01.
    (v1.02) Fixed new definitions over:
    • Question: When could we be able to jailbreak our own consoles?
    • Question: How hard is it to create a Custom Firmware?
    Also added a new question in the Firmware Questions:
    • Question: Should I buy a PS4 PRO, and don't update it from 3.70?
    (v1.01) Fixed new definitions over:
    • Question: Is this new? //base = open ("/dev/null", O_RAWD)
    • Question: What is the PS4's Operating System?
    • Question: What is a WebKit?
    (v1.00) Created the PS4 Hacking/Modding FAQs

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    Originally Posted by That_Dud View Post
    How does one get these mods?
    1.76 console / PS4SDK / Linux / Virtual Box... etc.. more things.
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    Added in a question + answer on the RTM Question Section.
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    Yo! You yourself discussed Pirating
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    Originally Posted by razadar2 View Post
    Yo! You yourself discussed Pirating
    I was answering a question over a FAQ. I was not discussing it with another individual by teaching nor condoning Piracy sir.
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