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Thread: PS4 won't accept or eject a disc Fix

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    01-07-2014 05:23 AM #1 PS4 won't accept or eject a disc Fix

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    My brothers PS4 disc drive refused to allow discs to be inserted or ejected. We thought we was going to have to send his PS4 back but luckily we completely powered the PS4 off, unplugged it from the mains, waiting a couple of minutes and then reconnected it all back up then switched it on and to our surprise the PS4 worked fine as it should again!

    We had a look online and other user reports indicate that these problems sometimes disappear and/or reappear at intervals, hopefully this isn't the case but if ever you come across this bug try what we done and hopefully it'll fix for you too.

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    Some people are saying there ps3s are getting blue of death is this true?

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