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THREAD: Linux on Playstation 3 (3.xx - 4.xx) REBUG
  1. 11-11-2016, 09:59 AM
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    Over the past 10+ years of linux support on the playstation 3. 2012-present has shown major decline on the support on linux on playstation3. Their is much development to be made with the kernel for playstation 3. And we need more powerPC64 devs to convert and development suitable apps for the playstation 3 users.
    Soi'm making this guide to inform the community how to install linux on the playstation 3 for those who need another computer for tasks their other computers may not handle. After all the playstation
    3 can handle major algorithmic operations but not 3d graphics (YET) so maybe a compromise can come into play after this tutorial...

    Why Install ps3 linux in 2016?:
    Considering this tutorial is for advance users. RSX engine and the ps3 architecture itself is still new and capable of amazing things! Clicking [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] and [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. You can see how you can turn your playstation into a super computer. Not only that the PPC64 development is weak for ps3 and we need more apps!!! A lot of cool things can be done on RSX engine with your help!

    Our goal at the end of this thread is to run a linux distro called "Red Ribbon Linux" and be able to develop amazing apps for playstation 3 linux! and update back to the latest rebug CFW!


    • Make sure you already familiar with how CFW works and how the Playstation 3 operates under CFW control.

    This tutorial is aimed towards advanced users familiar with Linux and Linux kernel (seriously)
    • Please read...read...read and read or else your going to complain on the forum.
    • Consider this a hub for communicating all ps3 linux topics. Hopefully a entire section will be made for ps3/ps4 linux
    • Prepare for some educational fun!

    Files Needed:

    • Rebug Downgrade CFW ([Only registered and activated users can see links. ])
    • Rebug 3.55.2 otheros++ CFW ([Only registered and activated users can see links. ])
    • OFW 3.55 ([Only registered and activated users can see links. ])
    • OtherOS PKG files for Playstations([Only registered and activated users can see links. ])
    • Red Ribbon Linux ([Only registered and activated users can see links. ])

    Required (I don't care if your find a alternative if it works GREAT but YOU NEED THIS IMO):
    • Ethernet cable to connect the linux shell to the internet (FOR NOW) we need a script file later explained down below

    Models Supported:
    note: On slimchart it says Other OS support is not supported... This is false thanks to the rebug team


    1. Place all files onto the root of your USB (except for update.pup like files.. you should know what to do with those)
    2. if you have a nand ps3(FAT). rename the .minimal file to .bin (you know what im talking about)
    3. Extract the red ribbon linux iso on your usb with winrar or 7zip
    4. Install REBUG's 999 downgrader CFW in Factory Service Mode (FSM).
    5. Install OFW 3.55
    6. Install REBUG's 3.55.2 OtherOS++ CFW
    7. Enter FSM and Restore PS3 System (THIS WILL ERASE EVERYTHING SO BACKUP!!!)
    8. Now Install all package files and run the following in exact order!! (make sure you here a double beeps every time your run the PKG's)
    9. Install "setup_flash_for_otheros.pkg" and run it
    10. Turn off PS3 (with controller) and turn on again
    11. Install "install_otheros.pkg" and run it (takes a few seconds...).
    12. Install "boot_otheros.pkg" and run it
    13. Install "reboot.pkg" and run it
    14. You are now in Petitboot (A shell for ps3)
    15. Exit to Shell
    16. type: cd /tmp
    17. and make sure you connected to the internet through ethernet
    18. type: wget --no-check-certificate tinyurl.com/createhdd
    19. should download in /tmp
    20. type: chmod 755 create_hdd_region.sh
    21. type: ./create_hdd_region
    22. type: reboot
    23. run reboot.pkg again on xmb and you will be back in petitboot
    24. instead of running "exit to shell"...run (live) red ribbon linux on the the very type of petitboot
    25. you will now boot into the linux os
    26. once booted youll see the desktop... click the install icon!
    27. Now with a keyboard or mouse select these options to properly install red ribbon linux
    28. Select your language
    29. Do you want to continue? Click yes
    30. Click yes again
    31. Automatic Partitioning
    32. Click yes
    33. Use current partitions
    34. Mount point specification finish
    35. click yes
    36. It will now install onto your 20gb partition. The rest of the space is for the ps3 gameOS
    38. Now install the latest rebug 4.80 or future rebug CFW
    39. Install rebug toolbox to run otheros
    40. OR!!! just keep the reboot.pkg and reboot through XMB

    How to CONTRIBUTE:

    Contact Geoff Levand from[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Check out he ps3 section in the linux github repo [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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  3. 07-19-2017, 04:58 AM
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    Jul 2017
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    Has any one help do advice?.
    I use Otheros++355 half/half no ss patch. My linux is gentoo on kernel 4.4.77. My HDD is cloned from 160 GB to 1TB. Here below is my hdd information. You wil see the hdd layout. It is belong to 160GB( not half/half).
    I'm not for sure of what happening then, if I go to recovery and use "ps3 system restore". This is quite doubt me. I don't what to harm my good system.

    ps3linux_ps3sed # ./ps3sed print_device
    nor_flash 1 512 32768 4
    cdrom 2 2048 2147483647 1
    disk 3 512 1953525168 4
    flash 4 512 524288 7
    ps3linux_ps3sed # ./ps3sed print_region 3
    0 0 1953525168 1
    2 524304 153931604 8
    3 154455916 4194296 8
    4 158650220 1794874940 8
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