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  1. 08-02-2017, 11:13 PM
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    So I'll start by apologizing if I'm posting in the wrong section but I need help, and I've been away for a while a lot has changed and I'm finding it imposible to navigate the site from the app on iOS.
    But anyways here's what's happening I've been playing game of war for about 3 years now and it's crazy because MZ the game developer has just become so greedy and is exploiting us players and I'd say they are extorting us because it went from a game you spent money on to have to a game you have to continue spending in just to. Or lose the thousands of dollars you've already got invested it went from a game you spend 40 $50 a month on pretty quickly to a couple hundred a month and then now if you don't spend a couple hundred every week you will simply lose everything in one battle. So I like every other player started looking for ways to be able to play without spending as much money, sounds pretty logical doesn't it? So from those effort after extensively looking online and everywhere I could I came to the conclusion that game could simply not be modded or hacked everyone explained that because it is a server-side game it was impossible to hack. The best I came up with was a 20% off through Amazon underground buying gold coins and later spending coins for packs and that was ok for a while until they started adding sales taxes and fees so now you literally save nothing purchasing through Amazon, The next thing I tried was purchasing through play stores around the world, so I got a VPN service and continued changing my billing address to my credit card and creating new accounts at Google play store check in every country one by one for their in app purchase price, only a handful of countries turn out paid less than I us in the US, most countries were much more expensive than the hundred dollars a cost here per pack for example Africa it costed us $300 plus the currency conversion price and the very few countries packs cost of a little less after adding the conversion cost they all cost more than here in America. So that took weeks of trying different countries with no luck. Finally coming to the conclusion that there is absolutely no easy way to get cheaper in app purchases for the game I then again started searching for a way to mod or hack the game turns out none of the tools online or modded apks actually worked tried stuff like blue stacks and several other apps but nothing worked. How ever I've seen with my own eyes players who must have been hacking some way or another I've seen people with building levels weeks before the actual release of such buildings I've seen people who simply won't burn no matter even when not playing defense or boosting and with many attack and defense stats not even available in game I've also seen itty bitty accounts that aren't big enough to even have the ability to attack anyone and they beat up the biggest players in the game no problem. What I'm getting at is im 100% sure some one has figured it out. I think of it like the newer call of dutys that are hard to hack and people get banned because it's a server sided game yet we all know it still gets done all the time even if changes don't stick and stuff gets patched and got fixed it does happen.
    So I'm asking for any and all help posible I really enjoy the game and it's not my intention to ruin it trolling but I've got thousands of dollars already invested and really would like to continue playing and not lose everything I've built. If anyone can point me in the right direction or if anyone can help me build a tool for it I'd happily donate via PayPal and know many many other players who would also happily donate for something like this. It's a mobile game but it can also be played on pc through bluestacks simulator. Thanks to anyone and everyone who actually read through this I really hope to hear back from you guys!
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  3. 08-02-2017, 11:48 PM
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    LifeHappens's Avatar
    Little One
    Feb 2015
    To put in into perspective how how fast Game of War is progressing, and how many packs I have bought since Thanksgiving of 2016 to keep up to date as a rally lead or trap, look at the release dates below since Thanksgiving. Game of War has been around since 2013. At no time in the game's history have releases been done so quickly.
    Each one of these releases cost 10-13 packs at $100 each !
    #1 Nov 24: Black Friday Core Sets
    #2 Nov 25: Buildings 25-26
    #3 Nov 26: Glorious Architect Gear
    #4 Dec 2: Onslaught Gem Set
    #5 Dec 6: Gear Workshop 25-26
    #6 Dec 9: Alchemy Lab 25-26
    #7 Dec 14: Legend27 Core Set
    #8 Dec 15: Behemoth Hero Research
    #9 Dec 20: Luna Core Set
    #10 Dec 21: Ice Core Sets and Reincarnation Stone
    #11 Dec 24: Regular T5 Troops + Hero Health Banner + VIP 27
    #12 Dec 29: Glacier King Set
    #13 Dec 31: Hero 71-75
    #14 Jan 04: Styx Core Set
    #15 Jan 08: Gem Set Bonus Research
    #16 Jan 18: Strategic T5 Troops
    #17 Jan 20: New Potion Vial
    #18 Jan 21: Butcher Gem Set
    #19 Jan 24: Nian Wonder Core Set
    #20 Jan 25: VIP 28-30
    #21 Jan 26: Wild T5 Troops
    #22 Jan 28: Archaology Hall + Jiao Dragon Defence Gear
    #23 Jan 31: 3rd Banner Slot + New Banners - Ultimate Powerup Banner, Rally and Wonder Banner, Treasure's Banner
    #24 Feb 05: Rhea Core Set
    #25 Feb 09: Runes Reseach Tree
    #26 Feb 10: Shredder Attack Gem Set
    #27 Feb 15: New Building Levels 27-30
    #28 Feb 20: Gear Workshop Levels 27-30
    #29 Feb 23: Aether Core Set
    #30 Feb 24: Unbreakable Gem Set
    #31 Feb 25: Pantheon
    #32 Feb 27: Avatar Collection Bonuses
    #33 Feb 28: VIP 31-35
    #34 Mar 07: Alchemy Lab Levels 27-30
    #35 Mar 09: Battle Marks Research Tree
    #36 Mar 11: Lycan Defence Gear + Safeguard Gem Set
    #37 Mar 15: Hero 76-80
    #38 Mar 21: New Potion Vial
    #39 Mar 23: Set Gear Leveling
    #40 Mar 28: VIP 36-40
    #41 Apr 03: Mobile Traps Research
    #42 Apr 04: Chmera Defence Gear + Maximus Attack Gem Set
    #43 Apr 05: Resource Orbs
    #44 Apr 11: Mausoleum
    #45 Apr 15: T6 Troops + Ultimate Troop Research Tree
    #46 Apr 20: VIP 45-50 + New Porion Vial
    #47 Apr 25: Pantheon Level 22-30
    #48 Apr 27: Divine Gem Set
    #49 Apr 29: Hero Level 85
    #50 May 05: Pantheon Research Tree
    #51 May 10: Divine Runes
    #52 May 14: Daily Milestone Research
    #53 May 16: Erebus Core Set, Nyx Core Set, Moneya Core Set
    #54 May 19: Building Level 31-35
    #55 May 24: Titan Flask Potions
    #56 May 26: VIP 46-50 + Oceanus Core
    #57 May 29: Valiant Knight Defence Gear + Hero Level 86-100
    #58 Jun 01: New Banners - Domination Banner, Wonder Champion Banner, Vanquisher Banner, Merciless Banner, Devious Banner, Ultimate Attack Banner. Stalwart Banner, Conqueror Banner
    #59 Jun 05: Power up Gear
    #60 Jun 06: New Avatars
    #61 Jun 07: Chaos Core Set
    #62 Jun 08: Research Sockets
    #63 Jun 09: Troop Gear Levelling
    #64 Jun 12: Mythical Flawless Runes
    #65 Jun 13: VIP 60
    #66 Jun 20: T7 Troops
    - Max Rally: 300m
    - Max Solo: 30m
    #67 Jun 21: Combine Mythical Gems 10+
    #68 Jun 23: Nemesis Lord Defence Gear + Mega Merge Boosts
    #69 Jun 24: Hero Level 101-110
    #70 Jun 27: Ring of Athena
    #71 Jun 29: Economics Research Tree Expansion + Gather T2 RSS + Defeat Effects + Catastrophic Elixir Potions
    - Max Rally: 500m
    - Max Solo: 125m
    #72 June 30 - Hynos Core
    #73 July 4 - New imperial banners and runes
    #74 July 5 - Advanced troop gear leveling
    #75 July 11 - Gaia Wonder Core Set
    #76 July 12 - Anniversry world slayer gear
    #77 July 13 - Sh36+
    #78 July 17 - New Banners + Runes + Potions
    #79 July 20 - Hero level 115
    #80 July 21 - Super Kunai liberator gems
    #81 July 22 - VIP 65-70
    #82 July 24 - New building levels
    #83 July 25 - Expanded Advance Economics tree
    #84 July 26 - Hades Cores
    #85 July 28 - Monster Lair building and gear
    #86 July 29 - VIP 76-90 + Anniversary World Slayer Gear + Set Gear Leveling through 200

    Please help !
  4. 08-10-2017, 10:28 PM
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    LifeHappens's Avatar
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    Feb 2015
    Any one anything ?

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