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  1. 08-20-2017, 02:56 PM
    Feb 2012
    EDIT: AIO V2.1 coming soon stay tuned!
    Fixed many bugs and added news funcs! + BETA of Realistic game mode and Good or Not

    Changing game mode freeze
    Zombieland mw2 jericho limit
    CJ V4 blocker controler
    CJ V4 verify bugs
    CJ V4 added teleport, give position
    Only sniper with optional ACOG
    Hide and seek last hiders bug fixed
    Infected script fixed
    Infected hud for infected + uav added
    Aliens vs predators aliens skin
    black list bug fixed

    Hi guys, after 1 year I've finally done the update of my All-In-One Mod Menu.

    This version is more cleaner, more stable with new features you never seen in COD4 other menus.

    New features of AIO V2:

    Auto anti-cheats: Anti-cheats automatically launched for each players at the connection.
    Auto anti-glitches (elevators, big bounces, rpg jumps): Added anti rpg jumps.
    New menu design/style: New menu style, animations etc..
    Setting menu for all players: Each players have a setting menu to edit their ranks, safe area etc...
    Safe area: Safe area to edit the positions of the HUDs.
    Notification box: Notification box when you choose the game mode, prestige etc...
    Clean vision: Some game modes use a color correction, by changing the game mode the vision is correctly cleaned.
    5 seconds Intermission time : In the lobby the default time is 55 seconds between games, i've changed the time to 5 seconds.
    3 different end game: First end game with the captain Price picture from the campaign, second show the credits (when no game mode loaded), third is the loading game mode animation.
    Custom rank system added in CS and Hide and Seek: Custom rank system added, you're not deranked, the scoreboard just show the custom rank. The custom rank is saved on the profil!
    Custom stats for the game modes: Like the custom ranks, some game modes use custom stats, like total zombies killed, wins etc...
    Host icon on the scoreboard: Host icon on the scoreboard show the host of the game.
    New clan tag "One.": Changed the old ugly clan tag [FP<3] by [One.]
    Black list aio servers: If you join a player who use the AIO V2 you will be automatically kicked in the loading screen. To disable the blacklist put the clan tag [ENTR] or [One.].
    Restart, anti-join can be turned only in private match: You can't restart a match in a public games same for the anti-join.
    Loading game mode animation: New animation.
    Game mode poll removed : New version in the AIO V3.
    Optimized menu security: A script check if HUDs can be deleted on the screen to show correctly the menu/informations.
    New doheart: New doheart with moving animation.
    Replay mod added in CJ game mode: You can replay the last 60 seconds with custom param. (only in CJ game mode).
    Infected game mode added: Infected like on MW3.
    Sharpshooter game mode added: Sharpshooter added.
    AIO Message infos for all at the end: At each end game a message is shown in the lobby. Messages about the AIO.
    Cod4 stats not saved in aio lobbies: Every stats (kills/deaths/assists etc...) is not saved in the AIO lobbies (only in the game mode).
    Kick spammers: Kick players who spam "Rank 55".
    Host can't change ranks: The host can't change players ranks, he just can send a question if the player want change his rank.
    Update checker: My last new, a script check and show if a new version of AIO is available!

    Game modes in V2:

    Zombieland v3.6
    Zombieland v5.1.1
    Hide and seek
    Only X
    Aliens VS Predators
    Gun game
    One in the chamber
    MW3 Game mode
    Mike Myers
    Survival Mod
    Counter strike Mod
    Intel Hunter
    Sniper lobby
    Superman killcam
    Roll the dice

    AIO V3 Futur Features:
    Language functions (70%)
    Game mode poll
    Maybe a release of the 18 players mod (online) (done)
    Maybe a typewriter (done)
    Funny sniper scope (done)
    Custom spawn style
    Custom end game
    Menu themes (done)
    PS3 Keyboard in game (done)
    Mini map host position (on/off)
    Custom environment
    Default safe Area (for default HUD like mini map, xp bar etc...) (90% done)
    "Only X" Random rotation.
    + 16 NEW game mode !

    Zombieland (20%)
    Found the boxes (90%)
    Cache cache
    Daech VS USA
    Cops VS Robbers
    Sticks and stones
    Good or not (30%)
    To bet
    Kill confirmed
    Boucherie (90%)
    Portal Mod (10%)
    Realistic Mod
    Forge Mod
    Capture the flag

    How use the menus ?

    Outside the menus:
    R3 & L1 to open All-In-One Menu.
    L1 & R1 & L2 & R2 to open the Setting Menu.

    In the All-In-One and Setting Menu:
    Square to select.
    L1 or R1 to move the scrollbar.
    R3 to go back.
    R3 + R1 to close fast the menu.

    In confirmation box:
    L1 or R1 to move the cursor.
    Square to select.
    R3 to exit the confirmation.

    -Infected game mode is not stable.
    -I will update the v2 for the next months.

    Download link (AIO v2) :
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    ps: If you discover bugs please send me a message!!

    Release date (AIO v3) :
    Summer 2018.

    Me (FParadiseee), imJxL, D3CHIRURE, Hawkin, AgreedBog381, MeatSafeMurderer, iCORE, zxz, AZUMIKKEL, Amanda, slaya, AoKMiKeY, IELIITEMODZX, Therifboy, GHOSTfaceKILLr74, Recklesskiller1211, Mo Teh Pro, Choco, IVI40A3Fusionz, x2EzYx--,, iJmp_Matsku, Jeff Adkins, Killingdyl, Six-Tri-X, Wano, FusionxDGx, iProFamily, Matrix,, **************,,
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  3. 09-15-2017, 04:36 AM
    May 2014
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    Please make this for MW3
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  5. 12-27-2017, 08:41 AM
    Feb 2012
    Originally Posted by Link033 View Post
    Can you add sniper only with ACOG please ?
    Added for v2.1

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