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THREAD: K nd' M Services - Cheap and Trusted D2 Services! High Quality! [PS4, PC]
  1. 09-05-2017, 08:01 AM
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    Is Destiny very time consuming game for you?

    Would you love to have the best possible gear and the highest level, but the grind to achieve that is just too boring and frustrating?

    No worries. K' nd M' will get EVERYTHING done for you for reasonable price!


    Requirements: 300 Power
    DLC Story Completed - $30
    Raid Lair: $60
    Weapon Forge Materials Farming: Contact Us to Discuss Prices

    Requirements: 300 Power+ (or 330 Power+ for Prestige), Main Story Completed - Raid Unlocked
    Price: $50 per run [Normal], $75 per run [Prestige]
    Includes opening ALL chests in Undercroft

    Requirements: 280 Power+, Shaxx' Crucible Quest Completed - Trials Unlocked
    Price: $50 per flawless run

    Requirements: 270 Power+ (or 320 Power+ for Prestige), Zavala's Strike Quest Completed - Nightfall Unlocked
    Price: $15 per run [Normal], $30 per run [Prestige]
    Small discount granted for multiple runs

    Requirements: None
    Price: $65 [Level 1 - Level 20], $90 [200 - 265 Power]

    Can't find what you're looking for? Don't worry! We also accept custom orders, so you can just message us with your custom request.

    NGU - [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Skype - Kojdysek
    Email - [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]


    Originally Posted by DirtyBirD View Post
    Best service I've ever had on my 7+ years on NGU. Kojdysek responds swiftly to requests and gets down to business immediately. I highly recommend his services and not to mention he is a super chill and cool guy. 5/5
    Originally Posted by revnja View Post
    This was my first time using this service and I was quickly and consistently blown away. They are very quick to respond to messages, but are very concise and clear when answering questions and going over the scope of services you order. I paid for a light level powerlevel service to get me up to 360. The service was completed very quickly without hassle. They even left a few more items on my account so that I could infuse multiple weapons/armor up to 360+.

    I was drawn in by the very fair price. Most sellers were offering 5 light levels for $50 or offered to get me from 347-360 for $100. Frankly, I felt that was a ridiculous price considering the time it would take to obtain (mine was done in less than two hours). They worked with me and gave me a custom price for my custom order which was by far the fairest price I had been quoted.

    This is the first person I will message when I find myself needing a customized order again. Trustworthy, expedient and very clear -- I was happy with my first order here.
    Originally Posted by AllenGinseng View Post
    Wow, I can't recommend these guys enough, not only are they super fast and competent but also incredibly friendly!

    An absolute flawless experience, without any exaggeration. Really appreciated their efforts. Thank you!
    Originally Posted by Shackler's Rev View Post
    Very professional service from the beginning to the end, I vouch for them! many thanks bros, I'll buy more services soon

    Originally Posted by Padavona View Post
    Got my first Destiny service from this group and i have to say, very professional. Do recommend for destiny services. Will definitely be buying again
    Originally Posted by jeff-009.5 View Post
    These guys are the best in the biz,

    I contacted over 6 different services all with negative responses until I found this team who responded straight away and in the positive!!
    I received a service that is not even on their list and they performed this on christmas eve! That is dedication, you will not be let down.
    They completed our agreed service in less than the (very short) timeframe given, I highly recommend.
    Originally Posted by SushiW View Post
    Contacted Kojdysek and Majkl with again some custom work to my account. It involved completing bounties spread out through a week and Kojdysek even kindly referred me to information on Reddit about changes that could affect my desired results, and offered friendly advice of how to approach my goals differently.

    This is something that sets them apart from other services. I'm sure many players like me have quests partially finished; they're able to make customized packages to meet those needs.

    I also want to point out that they were able to finish the recent work I hired them for 4 days early!

    Great work guys and thanks again!
    Originally Posted by randish7 View Post
    You guys are the best. Every service was exactly as described and amazingly friendly and easy to reach on skype. Will always look to you first. Thanks!
    Originally Posted by Rvp299 View Post
    Got these guys to run through hard mode kings fall with challenge mode. Good communication, friendly, polite and trustworthy service. Raid was completed shortly after payment with no issues. Thanks guys!
    Originally Posted by SushiW View Post
    Contacted Kojdysek for a custom package of Sparrow Racing League services and he did awesome work as usual.

    Got the full License quest, Playstation Exclusive "with Finesse and Speed" quest, and help with bounties.

    Was great to be able to see him stream the playing and lots of fun to watch. Dude wrecked in T3 Court of Oryx doing the boss solo and did both timed missions within 5 minutes. (20 minutes and 17 minutes allowed for the two missions) That's how good this guy is.

    Professional and friendly as always. Will definitely being contacting him again for more service soon!

    Thanks guys!
    Originally Posted by DirtyBirD View Post
    I'll say it again, the best Destiny service on NGU
    Originally Posted by Doomerz View Post
    Amazingly fast and reliable finished the hard raid in no time and they even streamed it for me to watch will definitely come back again
    Originally Posted by Carter40404 View Post
    I vouch for this service... 100%, he is very quick messaging me back, and is very nice. I recommend this service to everybody!
    Originally Posted by Oxii1988 View Post
    I can vouch for these guys !
    I asked some services and even ask them to stream it , they made no problem of it !
    Very pro players !
    We will do bussiness again !

    Originally Posted by hari20 View Post
    Cant say no word.These guys are pro and answer your question really fast. i recommend this service
    Originally Posted by DubStepperDay View Post
    100% recommend these guys! Done straight away with no problems, if you want a cheap fast legit service these are the people you need to message!
    Will use again thanks guys.
    Originally Posted by Niqqa_ View Post
    Guy is 100% legit he is really quick with responding your questions. And prices are amazingly fair. I would highly recommend his services.
    Originally Posted by kindredwolf22 View Post
    Reliable and hardworking guy, thanks again bro.
    Originally Posted by vespula1 View Post
    bought farming and raids for these guys 10/10 cheapest price fast and friendly service these guys are awesome
    Originally Posted by Berlitzm View Post
    Highly recommended, done all the services as requested and friendly service
    Originally Posted by JustBored View Post
    This is by far the most impressive service provider i've used !
    They did everything they promised in record time, even though my order was unreasonably large and varied.
    Very professional and very punctual, will definitely request there services again if Bungie releases new weapons or raids
    Originally Posted by SushiW View Post
    Kojdysek and Majikl are the real deal.

    Not only did they complete my orders on time, they detailed the methods and routes they would take to complete the objectives. Friendly and courteous Destiny advice given free too! They're able to customize packages if you've completed part of the quest/activity. (which was important in my case)

    I will be using them again for other services in the future and highly recommend them.

    Good pricing, secure and knowledgeable.

    Thanks guys!
    Originally Posted by Doomerz View Post
    Highly Recommend these guys,they are amazing and extremely fast and they did the service for me in no time will definitely buy again
    Originally Posted by SushiW View Post
    Ordered more services after having a great first experience with Kojdysek and Majkl, they did not disappoint. Once again, customizing a bundle package for my needs. Fair prices and great efficiency as always.

    Thanks again!
    Originally Posted by U3c307 View Post
    I can vouch for their services. They are very professional and does a great job with communication.
    Originally Posted by xiaolin20 View Post
    K ND' M SERVICES is extremely impressive and I am beyond satisfied with their services!

    They were quick to reply and address all inquiries.
    They provided updates/logs and details frequently whenever they accomplished or completed parts of the service - drops, service progress, etc.
    They also finished what they promised and got everything done on time!

    I would HIGHLY recommend these guys!

    These guys provide a FAST - 100% reliable - professional - and - affordable services!
    Originally Posted by Killerbat View Post
    This guy is completely legit he responds really fast I will totally buy something later
    Originally Posted by SEROTONIN View Post
    Extremely friendly easy to get along with. 100% happy with the service will definitely use again. Thanks again dude.

    All of these vouches are taken from my old Destiny 1 Shop, which you can find by clicking [Only registered and activated users can see links. ].

    What platforms are your services available on?
    Our services are currently only available on PS4, however, we are planning to spread our services even to PC in the future.

    Who are your services meant for?
    Our services are meant for anyone and everyone - ranging from people who don't have as much time to invest into the game over to people who simply see some parts of the game as frustrating to them, but would like to get the rewards from these parts.

    How do you deliver your services?
    We deliver our services by logging into customer's account and completing his requirements by simply playing on the said account.

    Can I get banned for using your services?
    There is absolutely zero chance to get banned by using our services. The only possible way you could ever get banned is by talking to a Sony/Bungie representative and outright telling them that you used our services, and even then there would be really low chance of something actually happening to your account. Should this miracle ever happen, if you show valid proof that the reason of your banned account was the usage of our services,
    we will gladly refund you all your spent money. We will also create a new account just for you, on which we'll level your characters up to what they were before you got banned, along with completing all quests and acitivites you completed before the ban.

    So who are you? Why should I trust you with my account?
    K' nd M' Services is led by two people. We come from Czech Republic, located in Central Europe. We are friends and partners, and both of us are students offering to spend our time and effort helping you in exchange for some buck. K' nd M' Services has been on the market since the release of The Taken King expansion on Destiny 1, and we were one of the very first Destiny Service Providers. Since our beginning, we have performed our services for many customers, all of whom always ended up very satisfied with our shop. We have gained numerous positive feedbacks, which you can see in the section above. We are professionals - we will stay in constant contact with you during the entire time your account is being worked on, and there's an option for streaming aswell.

    You mentioned streaming. Does that cost any extra?
    You don't have to pay any extra money for streaming, although you have to request the stream when placing an order. There is one condition, however: You must have either Twitch, Youtube or Dailymotion account linked to your PSN account on which we can stream. The reason for this is that linking an account for stream is now more complicated than it used to be. And thus, in order to save a bit of time for both us and you, this is the one and only thing you need to take care before you can see your guardian blasting through the Raids, owning in the Crucible and gradually getting stronger.

    How long does it take you to complete an order?
    The lenght of your order highly depends on what the actual order is and when you place the order. Although we have a lot of free time on our hands and we're more than happy to spend that time helping you, we are still only humans after all, and we also need to eat, sleep, study and ocassionally remind ourselves with the faces of our friends. Majority of the orders will be completed the same day it is placed, on some of them we will even work on right as you place an order, however, it is easily possible that (due to different timezones) you message us just as we are about to sleep or do something else, in which case your order will be the first one we will do the next day as soon as we are up and playing. In other words, although some orders may not be done instantly, no order will take longer than 24 hours.

    If K' nd M' Services is only led by two people, then how are you able to deliver services such as Raid or Trials, which require more people?
    Although only two of us lead and deliver the services, we know plenty of people who are very competent at the game and help us with the services. For Trials, this is especially the case. For Raids, it may sometimes happen that some people don't have time and thus, we just get someone from LFG sites. You don't have to worry, your service will be done quickly and with high quality. We will not get off your account until your order is completed, no matter what.

    What contact method is the best one I should use to get a fast reply?
    Skype is the best method if you want fast reply. If Skype is not an option, Email is the second fastest way to get our attention quickly. Finally, forum messages take us the longest to reply, as we only check the forums several times a day, whereas Skype and incoming emails instantly notify us.

    I added you but you're not replying. What's happening?
    Just like I mentioned above, we are still (sadly) only humans and at times we have to sleep. If we're not replying instantly, it means we didn't have a chance to see your message yet. However, I can guarantee you one thing: The moment we see the message from you is the moment we reply to you. We will never leave you hanging. Never.

    I can't afford one of your services. Can we work something out?
    We definitely can. We are open to negotiation. However, keep in mind that we are not willing to drop our prices to extreme. Don't expect us to drop our prices below their half for you.

    I can't find what I want on your list.
    Although we may not have the service of your desire listed, definitely try and contact us. There's a big chance that we will do your request as custom service of some sort.

    I would like you to do a certain service for me, but I don't meet the requirements. Is there anything you can do about it?
    Absolutely. Let us know how far you are from meeting your requirements, and perhaps for a bit of extra, we can finish the quests you need to unlock certain activities and thus allow you to meet the requirements for the service you originally wanted.

    What about discounts? Do returning customers get any kind of discounts?
    Unfortunately, there aren't any discounts for returning customers as of now. There may be some in the future however. The only kind of discount you can get right now is purchasing either multiple runs of Raid or multiple runs of Nightfall in ONE order.

    Primary payment method is Paypal, However, we also accept US PSN Cards.

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