Welcome to my 5000 credits giveaway
I know it's hard to make credits to purchase all the cool stuff from the vBShop So I would like to help out in the best way that I can.

Challenge - Decryption
To win this giveaway all you have to do is posts the answer. First person to posts the answers for the giveaway will win 5k credits.

First Challenge
gFG3Y1ifcJezEJaD - Tell me what the answer is and what game is it from.

Second Challenge
gFG3YtijYxe7gROnA9aP - Tell me what the answer is and what game is it from

Must have 10 posts or more to enter giveaway, Staff and Former Staff cannot enter giveaway, If you have more then 5k credits you cannot enter giveaway, Multiple Accounts will disqualify you from giveaway. Good luck to all who enters. Giveaway will end once both answers has been completed.

Content Manager(s) Dr. Luckeyy

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Unless you know the answer please refrain from posting. Thank you.