I'm a PS3 modder that started about a month ago. I flashed the motherboard with E3 flasher which isn't very much experience, since you're just attaching a clip to another clip.

I've been wanting to RGH my Xbox 360 slim. I've heard it has a NAND flash and it's a bit complicated.*

How much soldering experience do you need to RGH your Xbox 360? Do you need any? Lots? Also, I wanted to use my RGH online, so what modchip would I need?

It would be helpful if somebody could give me advice on how much soldering experience you need to do this, what modchip you need to get the RGH online, and like materials I need, etc. Another helpful thing to know is how much all this would cost for me to do it myself.

My Xbox 360 slim was manufactured on 2011-07-13 (pretty sure this is Trinity since my model is from July 13, 2011 which was a month before Corona's release.) if that helps.