THREAD: Administrative Roles
  1. 09-14-2016, 04:01 PM
    Jan 2020
    We get asked often about what exactly we do here. I figured I'd outline them to make it easier to report issues to the right person.

    Outsider - Site owner and main dude. Deals with PayPal issues and bosses the rest of us around.

    magglass1 - Server admin. Helps us stay online and takes care of any issues with the server backend.

    Tustin - Lead site developer. I write most of the new features that get added and try my best to keep the site safe from exploits and/or bugs.

    MEGALELZ - Frontend site developer. This guy does what I lack which is frontend design so new features that I add to the site don't look like pure shit. He also adds new items to the NGU Shop.

    Kryptus - Manages staff and keeps us updated with random hot dog and doggo images. He also helps manage GTA V section even though he's not a moderator.

    Loes - Manages Gaming Squad/Content Creators and also manages forum layout (new sections, that kind of stuff)
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