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Thread: How to hotswap your xbox without opening it!

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    07-08-2010 11:55 PM #1 How to hotswap your xbox without opening it!

    Warning! You can only do this with benQ drives. Here is how to tell what kind of drive you have.

    you need the middle one!

    BenQ Drives look exactly the same as a LiteOn Drive. The only way to tell which kind you have is to take off your xbox 360 faceplate and look in the little hole under the disc drive. If there are 2 white wires inside, you have the correct drive otherwise you must open you're xbox

    How to Hotswap:

    I will be using cod 5 as an example. To install a modded version of cod 5 we must hot swap. To do this you must:

    Make your xbox not auto run a disc. This can be changed in the system settings.

    Hover over the PLAY GAME on your dashboard. Then, when you are ready, press Y and the open button at the same time. It should be frozen at a picture of a guy with his gun. then put your modded copy in and install to hard drive.



    Hope this helps. I did no discover this and i know it's sorta old!

    +rep if i helped

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    post before..
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    Search Before You Post! this has already been posted..
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    In his defense he did say this is old but I really don't get the point of reposting if you already know its been posted.

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    07-10-2010 12:56 PM #5

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    07-10-2010 05:09 PM #6

    what's hotswap?

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    08-23-2010 05:57 PM #7 flashed?

    does your xbox need to be flashed? if yes where can i get it flashed?


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    so much easier then opening your xbox...

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