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Amazon confirms the second shipment date for the Playstation 4

By: Tristan Weis

August 22, 2013 - 11:32 CDT


If you haven't pre-ordered your Playstation 4, Amazon's giving you the opportunity to get one shortly after Launch Day.

For all of you Sony fans who didn't get in on the action with Amazon Playstation 4 launch day pre-orders, there's absolutely nothing to worry about. Amazon has confirmed their second wave of shipments via e-mail and they're shortly sent out after. 

“PlayStation 4 (PS4): Standard Edition”
Previous estimated arrival date: January 07, 2014 – January 13, 2014
New estimated arrival date: November 21, 2013 – November 23, 2013

This would be for Canada and United States, seeing as (basically) the rest of the world is receiving their Playstation 4's on November 29th, which includes Europe and Latin America. 

If you haven't gotten to pre-ordering your Playstation 4, no matter where you reside, it's advised you do it now before the end of the year. Amazon is taking pre-orders for the November 21st to November 23rd arrival dates, so get on it! 

Here are the offers given by the online retailer: 

Tristan Weis

Tristan Weis is a games reporter for NextGenUpdate.

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