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Black Ops 2: Revolution DLC Released for the PS3 and PC

By: Clyde Rivers

February 28, 2013 - 4:11 CST


The new Revolution DLC has finally been released on the PS3 and PC. Check out all the details here.

The first released downloadable content for Black Ops 2, Revolution, has finally hit the PS3 and PC platforms. Treyarch had previously released the DLC to Xbox 360 users over a month ago, as per normal DLC standards with the COD series, but rest assured PS3 and PC users, the wait is over. 

The map pack as a standalone is $14.99, but comes for free if you're a season pass subscriber, which runs at $49,99. The DLC does pack a punch though for the price, no pun intended, by adding four new maps, a new zombie mode along with a map, and the first ever DLC release of a weapon (on the PS3). It's safe to say you get what you pay for in this purchase, unlike DLC updates of the past.


Now let's get to the new multiplayer updates! The new weapon added to multiplayer is called the Peacekeeper SMG. Here is a link to a review of the gun being used on the 360 beforehand. It's one of the weaker SMG's and has a somewhat slow fire rate. The top efficiency of the Peacekeeper is that the recoil is very minimal. For users without the DLC, you can pick up the gun and use it from a DLC user as well.

There are also four multiplayer maps being released as previously stated. These maps include: Mirage, Downhill, Grind, and Hydro. While I haven't actually played them yet, the reaction amongst 360 users I've spoken to is very positive on the gameplay. You'll have to be the judge of that yourself.

As with any DLC from Treyarch, Zombies was not forgotten. Along with a new map, entitled Der Rise, is a new game mode called Turned, which splits your team up into three zombies and one human, with the only way to earn points being as a human. Playing as a zombie? Count me in.




Clyde Rivers

Clyde Rivers is a games reporter for NextGenUpdate.

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