Top 5 COD Maps since COD4

By Andarilho Published 10th Jul 2016

This is a detailed article about the best maps Call of Duty have made since COD4, and i will tell you why everyone loves them!

{subtitle}The Top 5 COD Maps!{/subtitle}


Welcome, in this article I will be showing you the top 8 Call of duty maps, and explaining why everyone loves them!
{subtitle}Number 5: Crash (Call of duty 4){/subtitle}

This map was one of the most popular on COD4, as it had a unique setting, with many different ways to destroy the enemy team. It had a famous glitch which would allow players to walk around the outside of the map.

{subtitle}Number 4: Nuketown (Black Ops 1){/subtitle}

The beginning of the nuketown era, this map started of a craze about nuketown. It was a small map, which led to fast paced action. The players loved it as there were many different spots in which you could manipulate your enemy.

{subtitle}Number 3: Standoff (Black Ops 2){/subtitle}
Standoff was one of the best made maps on Black Ops 2. It had many different spots where you could kill and hide from your enemy. The setting of this map seems to be a farm, so it had many different attributes to it, such as over 3 buildings you can enter, because it was a medium size, it allowed all different types of playing strategies to take place.

{subtitle}Number 2: Studio (Black Ops 2){/subtitle}
Studio is the updated version of firing range from Black Ops. With new scenery and new weapons it made it the ultimate map! It encouraged fast paced games as the map was miniscule. It was a great map for trickshotters as it had a lot of high ground for them to jump off.

{subtitle}Number 1: Rust (Modern Warfare 2) {/subtitle}

Well.... What do I need to say? Rust is the best map of all time! It was first featured in the last mission of Modern Warfare 2, where you had to kill Shepard. This map was the home of 1v1s and still is! It is a small map in the middle of nowhere, if you could not play fast, you would get wrecked by the enemy team. A downside was the many people manipulated this and spawn trapped the other team which was not very good. Otherwise, Rust is the best map, go and have a play on it.


{subtitle}Thank you for reading this article I hope you enjoyed it!{/subtitle}



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  • Hydrogen
    November 22nd, 2017
    I will have to disagree, World at War has some of the best maps memorable ever in history. 1) Hangar 2) Castle 3) Dome 4) Asylum 5) Upheaval Are the best maps ever. Like, this can't be argued with besides new generation players who love spawn trapping on Nuketown or snipers on Rust. Best Player vs Player game and strategetic is W@W maps.