Nuketown Pre-Release Trailer

By Calculus Published 13th Nov 2018

Treyarch's Nuketown trailer, how it's going to look and more!

Treyarch finally released a trailer about Nuketown, about which we already knew it was coming for free on 13th of November for PS4 users and a week later for everyone else. This year's variation of the fan favourite map shows a different approach to what we are used to see. Complete with snow and for an extra holiday effect as Christmas holidays are just around the corner but also many new additions in terms of open-area that suggest an easier use of killstreaks such as the RC-XD or Hellstorm missiles as well as some terrain changes which favour the use of the specialist abilities to gain a tactical advantage over the enemy team. This year's Nuketown seems to be doing some right? That's up to you to find out!



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